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Title: Drakan: Order Of The Flame
Rom Player: No ROM.
Reviewer: T1migi

Synopsis: (Note: MAY contain spoilers. Also note that this review may be really crappy. I'm not really good at some of the reviews. Actually i just wanted at least 1 Drakan review to appear here, so there.)

Drakan is a game about a girl called Rynn. One day Rynn and her brother Dellon are returning to their village after doing some sort of quest or something they were sent on by Atimar. He is like a grandfather to Dellon and Rynn. While returning, they are attacked by monsters called Wartocks, and some Orcs. They raid the town and capture Dellon. Rynn swears revenge and goes after the monsters to save Dellon. This is the start of Drakan.

Drakan is a game that is cliché, and yet original. It involves flying on a dragon, and operating a small array of machinery. The weapons are "random generic middle-ages weapons and bows". Some of them are Magic and have elemental effects on other things. The graphics are realistic, and yet they are not. There aren't any mouth animations. Only the monsters do. The music fits the enviroments in the game.


On Rynn's quest, she travels from her village, all the way to another dimension, and before doing so, she travels over almost 60% of Drakan's world. She meets a few allies. One of them is a dying Knight, a hiding man in the mines, and succubus. Three of them. They eventually betray Rynn and try to kill her.

The greatest evil of all in Drakan, Navaros, attempted to take over the world years ago, and now he's being resurrected, taking over Dellon's body, and tries to do so once more. The only thing that can destroy him is the Runeblade. The strongest weapon ever in Drakan. Hidden away in a volcano that looks like you're smack right in the middle of hell.


The Multiplayer part of the game is the hardest to get to work. First you need to download a rare patch. Then you gotta find more interesting levels, and then the most hard part: Finding. People. It's impossible. Barely anyone plays Drakan anymore. However some of the levels can be cool even if you play them alone. Some are even scary. Other than that, there's not much to do in Drakan: Multiplayer. (There aint no COOP either.)

So in short: Drakan is a cliché'd AND original game with good graphics and nice weapons and really good music.

(I hope this review was either good or atleast decent. <.<)

Best Cheats: Hold shift while starting up Drakan. This brings you to the Riot Engine. Look for "Developer Mode" and turn it ON. Now, in singleplayer, press the "talk" key, then type in a code and press enter. (Note: There are more cheats, but the most useful ones are these.)

iamgoddes - God Mode

gimme - Gives you an item.

floy - With this you can look around the whole map. use this code again to go back to the game.

drop - Puts the player on the place he/she has flown to.

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 10

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