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Title: Ultima Online
Author:Origin-Electronic Arts
Rom Player: PC game
Reviewer: XIII

Synopsis: How can there be no reviews on this game yet? Ultima Online was the forerunner to the now ever going massive multi-player game market. It is an online fantasy rpg where you share a world with thousands of other players. It has a skill system with allows you to pursue almost any trade with a "medievalish" theme. You build your characters skills over extended play. You go from peon to demi-god. You even gain reputation titles. It has a complex economic and weather program to keep the world balanced. There are various creatures to fight. You can attack skeletons and orcs or even deer and wolfs. Players could also attack other players(outside of town.) You can collect gold. You can skin hides to make leather goods and use the meat for food. You can fletch bows or melt ore to make armor. Trade with NPCs or other players. Sit in a tavern and shoot the breeze with other players while in a state of intoxication. I started "UO" during its release. My first impressions of the game were negative. Other players often exploited bugs to gain advantages and haplessly murder other players. UO now has made revisions and UO is safe again for players wanting to give it a second try. Player vs. Player killing was a big issue. Even though death could be reversed if you found a healer, you often returned to a looted body and malicious characters laughing at your gray robe being your now sole possession. Battle is now by consent with other players if you choose a particular shard. They have a banking system that also help safeguards your "good" stuff. You can also put things in a house if you can afford to buy one. I could go on and on. UO is the first and by far the best of the massively multi-player games. Accept no substitutes.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 6
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 8


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