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Title: 4d Sports Boxing
Author:4d Studios
Rom Player: None
Reviewer: Baden

Synopsis: 4d Sports Boxing

Look out Sport fansÖ Boxing is being taken into 4D!!!!!, if by 4D you mean 3D that is. 4d Sports Boxing hales from the hallowed halls of the legendary 4D Studios who had a string of polygonal hits in the late 80ís early 90ís (most notably 4D sports Racing). The premise is simple: you get to make a boxer, and punch your way through the ranks earning money and gaining Strength, Power and Endurance as you train at the gym in-between fights.

First of all, you have to create your well-oiled machine of destruction. Select from 10 or so polygon head shapes, 8 or so shirt/shorts colors (typical vile clashing MCGA Pastel we all know and love), also select Height and Weight, and your initial Speed Ė Power - Endurance Ratios, not forgetting a name that will put the fear of god into any opponent (Note: inciting the fear of god isnít too difficult when you consider who your up against; Mohammad Ali Baba, Zha Zha Zha Gíbor, Willi Vanilli, Bananarama Smith and Slippy Mad Frog to name a few)

Now youíre ready for your 1st BIG FIGHT!
Naturally, you start off at then bottom of the list, number 50, but if youíre feeling game, you can fight people up to, and including, 4 ranks above you. The higher up they are, the more cash you get for whipping their ass. Once you select your opponent, itís all on!
Gameplay is quite, well, weird actually; you move around with the keypad (including 1,3,7&9 for diagonals) and when youíre close enough to hit, you pretty much hold down ENTER and go hard with the keypad (8 is a jab, 7&9 hooks, 4&5 uppercuts, 1&3 some kind of stomach kidney punch jobbies and 2 is Block (note: Donít Use Block)). As you beat your hapless opponent like the proverbial red headed stepchild, you will notice his power bars decreasing. Thereís a P, a D and an O bar (probably stands for Power, Defense and Overall or something). After a sufficient pounding, either his P or D bar should go down to nothing, at which point heíll fall like a sack oí potatoes and the effort of getting up will reduce his O bar (which may also have been reduced during the beating). When his O bar has run out, heís dead and you win. (Warning: if you stand too close to his bloodied corpse, you get, in very quick succession, a Warning-Points Deduction-Disqualification. The worst bit about being disqualified is you canít get straight back in the ring against the same schmuck and make an example of him like that Russian guy did to that black guy on Rocky III). Like any good boxing match there are rounds and points and everything, but those are for wusses. If you canít ice him in AT LEAST the first 2 rounds, get your lily ass back to your Super Mario, ya pansy.

After youíve won your first fight, itís off to the gym with you. Now, this ainít one of your new age, unisex, Tae Bo, aerobics abdominizer, buns-o-steal, crunch-gyms here, no sir. Youíve got 3 things: the Heavy punching bag, the speed bag, and the skip rope. And if you even think of TOUCHING that skip rope before youíve got arms the size of tree trunks youíve got no goddamn business playing this gameÖ Go rent Bust a Groove or something. Wiener.

Having won the fight, you will also have won some cold hard cash. From what I can gather, this cash is absolutely useless; you canít buy off the judges, the other boxer, or even the ref (I personally think this would add a whole new aspect to the game, but hey, what do I know). I think its just used for some dumb ass Top Ten High Score list at the end or something. Personally I think it just takes up valuable time that could be spend kickiní ass and takiní names.

The 2 Player option allowed you to pit your modern day gladiator against your friends, which, I donít think I have to say, is more fun than a trouser-load of weasels, I do not, however, recommend a quick game of 4d Sports Boxing after dinner and a movie as a means to get your date in the mood for some sweet, sweet loviní. Chicks donít get this game. Theyíre weird like that.

Unfortunately, my computer is without a soundcard or even a PC Squeeker at the moment, and damned if I can remember how the sound goes, but for music, just think the theme to Rocky in your head, or the National Anthem of which ever country you happen to come from. (Except if youíre from Australia, for obvious reasons) and you can easy enough make the sounds yourself in the early batman comic styleÖ WHAP SLAM ZORK BIDGISH! Donít be scared to spray a bit of spit on your screen/keyboard/co-workers either, they can hack it.

The best bit, if you ask me, is an in-fight feature where you can either look through your eyes as you mercilessly dish out a beating, or, my favorite, through the eyes of the poor computer-controlled punching bag as he tries to feebly block your onslaught of haymakers and uppercuts. You can also do lots of zooming and aerial shots, which sound cool in principal, but are actually pretty shitty. Another cool, but useless feature, is the little Statistics window that comes up after each round that tells you how many punches youíve thrown and what percentage hit and all this shit so you can accurately gauge just how nastily youíre kickiní his ass! Oh, I almost forgot: if you hold down SHIFT and hit keypad buttons, your boxer starts taunting the other guy, and jumping up and down and shit. Thatís kinda cool, too.

Yes, in an age where huge budget games are habitually ruined by hours of mind-numbing, orchestral, slow-motion cut-scenes, tedious over-production, and politically correct bullshit, sometimes itís good to get back to a simple beer drinkiní, red meat eating, ass slappiní, cigar smokiní, bout to knock the other guy out!!.

You can pick 4d Sports Boxing up from any good Abandonware site out there free of charge. If youíre in a charitable mood, you might be so good as to click on a few of the annoying ass banners to help keep the site going. If youíve been brainwashed by Capitalist-Microsoft-Media-Propaganda and are under the impression that downloading a game that you are unable to buy is some kind of a crime, then I guess youíre shit outta luck.

4d Sports Boxing. Rock Ďn fuckiní roll!

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 6
Music/Sound: 1
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 8

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