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Title: Super Munchers
Rom Player: Apple II Oasis
Reviewer: Andy, a.k.a. Aestro

Synopsis: Though originally on the Apple IIe, this game has found its way into the educational reprint series alongside Oregon Trail. you may remember its predecessors - Number Munchers and Grammar Munchers, or then again, you may not.

In Super Munchers, you take on the role of "muncher", a blocky little green frog-like thing that eats words, numbers, and maybe punctuation. You are placed on a grid and given a category, and then must devour all the words who fall within the category, such as if you were given the category "Corpses" you might eat such phrases as "King Tut", "Jesus", and "Strom Thurmand", while not eating things such as "Al Roker" or "Not a corpse". Once you have eaten all of the correct phrases, you move on to the next round after an odd little Pacman-esque cut-scene. But beware! There are dangers lurking in the form of "troggle" which are strange looking monsters which look straight from The Wall. If they walk into the same sqaure as your muncher friend, he is devoured helplessly. However, there are strange powers at work which aid muncher - some squares get a white outline which works as sanctuary from the vile troggles, and a new feature to super munchers it the ability to become...SUPER MUNCHER! The hero sprouts a red cap and begins kicking troggle ass left and right! Whooo! Go muncher! j00 r0><0rz || j00r |30><0rZ! All in all, munchers proves to be fun and educational, a horrible combination but something to do nonetheless. Just don't expect to hear any sounds outside a few shrill

Best Cheats: Cheaters go to hell.

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 6
Music/Sound: 2
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 7


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