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Title: Chex Quest
Author:Ralston Foods inc
Rom Player: PC
Reviewer: Bad Mr. Frosty

Synopsis: Ever played Doom before? Well if you’re fond of Doom, you'll like this one too.

There's 2 other games that I know of that use the exact engine of Doom; Noah's Super 3D Ark & Wolfenstein 3D which are both for the old SNES. But this one's my favorite.

Chex Quest was a promotional game created by Ralston Foods inc. Back in 1996-1997 they put Chex Quest in cereal boxes. The game opens with a 3D animation that gives you the background. On a Chex shaped space station, the Intergalactic Federation of Cereals Senior Cereal Council is meeting. You learn that the planet Bazoik has been invaded by evil Flemoids, creatures who cannot be destroyed, but can only be transported back to their own dimension. These dastardly creatures eat cereal, but will hatch and multiply if the eggs are placed in any source of organic, nutrition-laden material.

All of the cravenly cereal shaped members of the council refuse to volunteer for a rescue mission except Chexter, a member of the Chex Squadron. Naturally, when playing the game, you are Chexter.

After you beat all five levels it tells you to go www.chexquest.com to get the next mission. The Chex Quest official website is no longer available so now you can get both games from http://chexmania.tripod.com/ Just go to the downloads section and get the games if you have not already done so.

Chexter or Chex Warrior controls perfectly. The controls are very easy to learn too. I suggest using a keyboard instead of a gamepad though.

While cartoony, they still amaze me. No bad for a free game. The Flemoids look…gooey. Heh.

Oh, the music fits this game perfectly! All 5 levels have their own theme. Again, not bad for a free game.

Now wait, I know this game uses the EXACT engine as Doom, but come on. You’re a piece of cereal for Pete’s Sake. How cool is that? And the Flemoids ROCK. They ROCK HARD. Well, anything that’s slimy and resembles boggers ROCKS in my book.

Don’t say you don’t wanna play this game cause it looks too cartoony. Or that crap about it not having enough violence in it. Just look at the Mario or Sonic games. They both have minimal violence, but they ROCK. They ROCK HARD. Heh.

Really though, if you can fin this game on ebay, buy it. I’ve seen it up their hundreds of times for real low prices too. Or you could just download it from the site I mentioned earlier in this review. One of the best things to do is go through the whole level without sending a Flemoid back to his dimension. Wait until the very end to eliminate them. Things get SUPER gnarly then. In fact, they even get bucket! Or maybe if your lucky, pail! Chex Quest Rules!

Best Cheats: Cheat Codes
Enter these codes while playing. You may want to pause the game. Reenter them to shut them off.

Invincible Mode = davidbrus

All Zorchers and full zorch power = mikekoenigs

All Zorchers and full zorch power and keys = scottholman

Partial Invisibility (for a short amount of time) = marybregi

No Clipping Mode (walk through walls) = charlesjacobi

Invulnerability (for a short amount of time) = andrewbenson

Level Skip = leesnyder12

After the last code where the 2 is put the number of the level you want to go to. Example: If I wanted to go to level five I'd type leesnyder15. Sadly enough when you type this code you lose all your weapons and ammo except the Mini Zorcher ( with fifty rounds ) and the Bootspoon.

Slime Protection Suit = allen

All Map=digitalcafe

Additional Map Info (must be typed in map view) = sherrill

100% Health and Berserk Mode (which give you a powerful bootspoon) = deanhyers

Position on Map = kimhyers

Super Bootspork = joelkoenigs

Music Selection = idmus##

After the last code (idmus) where the ## marks are put a number from 11 to 45 for a music selection. Some of the music is from the game Ultimate Doom.

Finding Hidden Doors
In each level there are a number of hidden doors.
Here is an easy way to find them.
After you completely explore a level, press TAB to view the map. There will be short yellow lines on some walls on the map. Most of the time, those short yellow lines show where hidden doors are.
Just walk up to the place on a wall where a yellow line was shown on the map, and press the space bar. If you are at the right location on the wall,
a hidden door will open. A lot of times there are some health and weapon recharges behind the hidden doors.

Secret Vent
In the second level there are two refrigerated storage rooms. In the second one of these rooms there is a secret vent with some cool stuff inside it. Get on the turbo lift in the back, you want to stand in front of the big set of crates toward the left. You must stand right on the edge of the power lift. When it goes up run forward an you'll get on top of one of the crates. You'll notice that one of the panels on your right is different than the others. Open it, then follow the vent. At the end you will find a small blue room with an LAZ Device.

Walkthrough for Level 5
In level 5, as you walk up the stairs (before you go down again), at the top, there will be a light to the right. Open it, and there will be a flemoid
and a yellow key. After you get rid of the Flemoid, and get the key, turn around and go to the northwest corner from where the key was.
It's a door. Inside, there will be a stream. Go right. At the end is a waterfall. Go down it. There will be another flemoid in the room you are in. After you go out of the room, you are in the final room.

Flemoid vs. Flemoid
For some reason flemoidus slime can zorch flemoids back to their own dimension. Sometimes a flemoid will be hit by another flemoid. That flemoid may then go and battle against the other flemoid until one of them is transported back. However different kinds of flemoids do things differently.
Projectile flemoid attacks do not zorch other flemoids of the same species. Close up squirting attacks are fair game for all.

When should I use each weapon?

1. BOOTSPOON: Never use unless you have the berserk cheat on. This is really cool, but not as
good as the super bootspork.

SUPER BOOTSPORK (Replaces the bootspoon): Good for tight corners. Works great on the cycloptis.
This is probably the best zorcher for short range flemoids.

2. MINI ZORCHER: Average weapon. Does damage to the commonus, but the large zorcher is
preferred. Only to be used when in big need of zorches.

3. LARGE ZORCHER: This is probably the best all around zorcher. Use this much of
the time as it is very powerful. Its only problem is that its rapid zorch is not very fast. Very useful in "mazes" where flemoids are very close but
not in large amounts.

4. RAPID ZORCHER: This zorcher takes a fair amount of time to send flemoids back. Good for a lot of flemoids in a row. Also very useful for the bwa and quadrumpus, because the rapid zorcher can keep them from throughing slime back.

5. ZORCH PROPULSER: Good for occasional long shots at many flemoids in one place. Be careful, however, this weapon can reduce your health as well if the zorch gateway bursts at close range.

6. PHASING ZORCHER: Rapid zorches very quickly. Affects some flemoids a lot, and others not as much. Tends to block the view, which is very dangerous when you have a large amount of flemoids coming toward you.

7. LAZ DEVICE: The most powerful zorcher. Sends almost ANY flemoid back in one shot, but uses a lot of zorch power and rapid zorch is very slow.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10

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