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Title: Doom II
Author:id Software
Rom Player: PC
Reviewer: test tube

Synopsis: Yeah motherfucker! This is the exact same thing as part one, same heavy pixel graphics, same sound effects, same weapons, same enemies and same fast paced KILL EVERYTHING action that made Doom stick in everyone’s head.

The game is pretty much any Marduk song mixed with RAMBO, trapped in hell blowing everything to pieces in search of the ever elusive RED, YELLOW, and BLUE keys. That’s it, find the keys, kill everything, go to the next level, survive. They added some new shit here, like a double barreled shot gun and some new enemies that you pretty much have to use every ounce of ammo you have on to slightly wound. Its ass kicking left and right! No hope, you're surrounded by flaming skies, supposed to be wondering the ruins of earth that has been destroyed by an invasion from hell but it looks like you're just walking around a really big castle.

Everyone has always wanted a movie of this, I say unless its done by Alex Cox, a 1987-92 John Woo or Lloyd Kaufman forget it. It will have clichéd characters with dull lines, a HIP MTV APPROVED soundtrack with Korn and Slipknot doing a song with 9 rappers, MODELS starring as characters, predictable ending with the bad guys crushed, the most attractive cast members surviving and Busta Rhymes saying "lets blow this bitch yo!" as the white man and woman survivors look on laughingly approving blasting their space ship back to a saved earth. FUCK NO! Its needs to be EXACTLY LIKE THIS FUCKING GAME. Gory, intense, filled with horrific monsters and NO HOPE.

The game is very dated and compared to some games out now and the upcoming DOOM 3 its kind of pointless playing this but I still get a kick out of coming back to it every now and then because no matter how many times you beat it a classic game will always have you coming back again and again long after the WOW factor has worn off.

Tons of big long ass levels putting you up against impossible odds and much like RAMBO you overcome everything if you're good. DOOM kind of gave you some slack, this game will kick your ass, see the last level, I bet you can't win without cheating (all who did, SHUT THE FUCK UP I DON'T CARE, STOP PLAYING GAMES ALL DAY YOU FUCKING NERD!). I like the full balls out ballistic combat of the game but it had to sacrifice the sometimes successful attempts and creepy atmosphere and aliens popping out and scaring you like the first.

Horror movie, death metal, video gaming man! This old classic that keeps finding itself in my computer cussing real loud at getting shot down right before I went through the exit making me want to do the level again just so I can blow that fucker's head off gets itself a hard earned 8.

Best Cheats: Winners don't cheat!

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 8


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