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Title: Secret Agent
Rom Player: PC
Reviewer: Bad Mr. Frosty

Synopsis: Whatís wrong with me? I can be playing Twisted Metal Black on PS2 and I am STILL addicted to SA? Somebody slap me.

For a game of such seemingly simple pretense, SA has a lot to offer. On the surface it appears to be another side-scrolling platform game from 1992, but Apogee added some nice touches that set this one apart. Requiring EGA graphics allowed bright colorful graphics and very interactive levels. In fact, it's this interactively that make Secret Agent compelling. Instead of just jumping through each level, you'll find a series of mini-quests that will hold your attention. Things like retrieving a floppy disk and returning it to a computer in order to open doors. Of course, there's plenty of timing and jumping required, but it's all well portrayed and a credit to it's genre.

SAM definitely doesn't feature good graphics by any standards. His skin is zombie-like gray. His hair is all bright YELLOW. And he sports a red jumpsuit. Not a bright idea. I mean, how secret is dat?!

But nevertheless, you are a secret agent. And dang, is your mission ever so difficult! You see our government scientists have been working on a SECRET project: A ruby-Powered laser satellite with the ability to pinpoint and fire upon any given target from the Earths orbit, code named "Red Rock Rover".

Two weeks ago the blueprints were stolen by the evil, vile, DVS (Diabolical Villain Society). which will use them to create the best tasting blue berry muffins in the know galaxy.

Sheeeya right!

Their going to use it to build the ultimate terrorist threat! How rude.

SAM has been hand picked by the bureau to infiltrate DVS headquarters and secure the blueprints.

Once your done reading all pages of the story, you can start the game. Now whatís really cool about this game is you can choose what level you wanna go to!

Each level looks pretty much the same. Some may have more enemies then others. One really neat thing about your enemies, every time you shoot them, they change form! You must keep firing at them until they morph into a gravestone. But thatís only with the soldiers. There are other baddies too, such as giant robotic dogs, laser wielding robots, and many other things.

You don't have unlimited ammo for your 9mm, so save it for emergencies.

It's also quite obvious that SA's favorite hero must be the mighty Mario 'cause most of the game consists of nothing but jumping everywhere. Copycats...

It actually is a pretty decent old video game. Nothing special but it still has what it takes to be a fun game. You can download it here:


Best Cheats: Cheats:
It's 98 degrees outside right now. And if you think for 1 second that I'm gonna take MY precious time to look for cheats when I could be on my way to Walmart to buy an air conditioner, think again monkey vomit for brains.

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 5
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 8


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