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Title: Chex Quest 2
Author:Ralston Foods inc
Rom Player: PC
Reviewer: Bad Mr. Frosty

Synopsis: After defeating Chex Quest 1 you are shown a picture of Chexter with the words, "The Mission Continues...www.chexquest.com" I hear tell that if you went to that website, you could download the sequel to Chex Quest for FREE! So you can sure bet that was the first thing I did after beating CQ1. But much to my surprise, chexquesy.com was GONE! No more downloads section. No nothing.

But I wasn't giving up that easy. I was determined to find Chex Quest 2 even if it took my ENTIRE STINKING LIFE.

I'd say I've e-mailed about 33 different people on the web asking if they had this game. No one did. In fact, alot of them never even HEARD of Chex cereal, let alone a Chex Quest 2 video game. I soon became very depressed and started wondering if I would ever find Chex Quest 2. Sigh.

But one wonderful day my prayers were answered. While on one of my many searches on the web for this game, I came across another website claiming that they had all 3 of the Chex Quest games for download. 3 games? Needless to say I was very inquisitive about this little site.

So I entered. Looked around a little bit. And then I came across the download section. And lo and behold they had Chex Quest 2 for download! Now I wasn't getting too excited 'cause I've actually downloaded this game about 56 times or so, but it never works. But nevertheless I went and started the download. I made a decision, "This is my last time trying to download this game. If it don't work this time, screw it." I said aloud.

Around 13 minutes later it finished. This was the moment of truth. Sweat was all over my palms. The inside of my mouth was dry. My nutsack stunk. I proceeded to unzip the file. It fully unzipped with no errors! Shocking! I got so excited I think I wet my pants.

I then installed the game. And then I started it up.

It worked. It acually worked! After 56 tries, I've finally found Chex Quest 2! YEAHHH!! WOOHOO!!

I was so happy that I ran around my house hugging and kissing everything that moved. That went on for about a half hour but I soon had to take a dump.

And hour later I was sitting in front of my computer. Playing the most anticipated video game of my life. I couldn't have been happier!

But ya know whatís strange? There are only 3 differences between Chex Quest 1 & 2. You know what they is?

#1.Chex Quest 2 has a little more variety in the Flemoid department.

#2.Chex Quest 2 has a different soundtrack than its proceeder.

#3.Chex Quest 2 has different levels than the first one. But it still has only 5!

So in closing, this is a hard lesson I learned. I was expecting this game to be totally different. Fresh, new. But all it really is, is just more of the same. If you donít like the first one, definitely donít play this one.

If you do wanna play it, download it from

Best Cheats: CHEATS:
Enter these codes while playing. You may want to pause the game. Reenter them to shut them off.

Invincible Mode = davidbrus

All Zorchers and full zorch power = mikekoenigs

All Zorchers and full zorch power and keys = scottholman

Partial Invisibility (for a short amount of time) = marybregi

No Clipping Mode (walk through walls) = charlesjacobi

Invulnerability (for a short amount of time) = andrewbenson

Level Skip = leesnyder12

After the last code where the 2 is put the number of the level you want to go to. Example: If I wanted to go to level five I'd type leesnyder15. Sadly enough when you type this code you lose all your weapons and ammo except the Mini Zorcher ( with fifty rounds ) and the Bootspoon.

Slime Protection Suit = allen

All Map=digitalcafe

Additional Map Info (must be typed in map view) = sherrill

100% Health and Berserk Mode (which give you a powerful bootspoon) = deanhyers

Position on Map = kimhyers

Super Bootspork = joelkoenigs

Music Selection = idmus##

After the last code (idmus) where the ## marks are put a number from 11 to 45 for a music selection. Some of the music is from the game Ultimate Doom.

Finding Hidden Doors
In each level there are a number of hidden doors.
Here is an easy way to find them.
After you completely explore a level, press TAB to view the map. There will be short yellow lines on some walls on the map. Most of the time, those short yellow lines show where hidden doors are.
Just walk up to the place on a wall where a yellow line was shown on the map, and press the space bar. If you are at the right location on the wall,
a hidden door will open. A lot of times there are some health and weapon recharges behind the hidden doors.

For some reason flemoidus slime can zorch flemoids back to their own dimension. Sometimes a flemoid will be hit by another flemoid. That flemoid may then go and battle against the other flemoid until one of them is transported back. However different kinds of flemoids do things differently.
Projectile flemoid attacks do not zorch other flemoids of the same species. Close up squirting attacks are fair game for all.


1. BOOTSPOON: Never use unless you have the berserk cheat on. This is really cool, but not as
good as the super bootspork.

SUPER BOOTSPORK (Replaces the bootspoon): Good for tight corners. This is probably the best zorcher for short range flemoids.

2. MINI ZORCHER: Average weapon. Does damage to the commonus, but the large zorcher is
preferred. Only to be used when in big need of zorches.

3. LARGE ZORCHER: This is probably the best all around zorcher. Use this much of
the time as it is very powerful. Its only problem is that its rapid zorch is not very fast. Very useful in "mazes" where flemoids are very close but
not in large amounts.

4. RAPID ZORCHER: This zorcher takes a fair amount of time to send flemoids back. Good for a lot of flemoids in a row. Also very useful for the bwa and quadrumpus, because the rapid zorcher can keep them from throughing slime back.

5. ZORCH PROPULSER: Good for occasional long shots at many flemoids in one place. Be careful, however, this weapon can reduce your health as well if the zorch gateway bursts at close range.

6. PHASING ZORCHER: Rapid zorches very quickly. Affects some flemoids a lot, and others not as much. Tends to block the view, which is very dangerous when you have a large amount of flemoids coming toward you.

7. LAZ DEVICE: The most powerful zorcher. Sends almost ANY flemoid back in one shot, but uses a lot of zorch power and rapid zorch is very slow

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10


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