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Title: Full Throttle
Author:Lucas Arts
Rom Player: PC
Reviewer: Mandy

Synopsis: Full Throttle was the first CD Rom game my brother gave me when I eventually gathered up enough pennies to have him put a CD Rom drive in my crappy, but well loved computer. It was probably the coolest game that I had ever played in my short existence. As with all Lucas Arts adventure game, it provided hours of fun, hilarious dialogue, and you couldn’t die (well, you can at one part in this game, but it rewinds you back). But I digress…

The game starts off panning down a lonely stretch of road as our gravelly voiced, Bruce Campbell-esque hero, Ben, narrates the opening of the story. The story is set in the future where all vehicles hover above the ground except for Corely brand Motorcycles, and the only people who ride said motorcycles are members of biker gangs. Ben is the leader of the Polecats and is friends with Malcolm Corely (the owner of Corely Motors). I won’t go into intense detail about the plot but, basically, Ben is eventually framed for the murder of old man Corely and goes on the run from the cops to try and clear his name and on the way, find Corely’s long lost daughter so she can inherit the company. On his adventure, he fights with rival biker gangs (such as the Rottwheelers and the Cavefish), sneaks past heavily guarded roadblocks, and competes in a demolition derby.

Full Throttle is a point-and-click adventure game but I think it has the most ingenious interface of any of the older Lucas Arts games. You use the left mouse button for normal navigation and when you click the right button on a hot spot, a skull pops up with the options of look, grab/punch, kick, talk/taste, and inventory. The game play variety is nice too. There are quite a few parts where you stray from the normal controls such as the demolition derby where you drive a car, and the Old Mine Rode where you whack rival bikers off of their hogs and steal their belongings.

The music is great. It always appropriately fits the situation and gives the game a gritty feel. Some of the songs are by the Gone Jackals (and the songs from the game are on their CD Bone to Pick.) but most of them are originals. The country song at Todd’s trailer and on Emmett’s radio is really funny if you can make out the lyrics. (“Most people are disfigured or dead…”) Full Throttle also has great voice talent. Roy Conrad voices Ben and the voice fits perfectly. Also in there is Kath Soucie (Rugrats, Clerks TAS, billions of other cartoons), Tress MacNeille (Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, almost every cartoon imaginable), Maurice LaMarche (Pinky and the Brain’s Brain), and (hey kids it’s) Mark Hamill voices the villain Ripburger, the sleazy truck driver Emmett, and trailer trash Todd.

Overall this is a really fun and often overlooked game from the Lucas Arts adventure line up.

Best Cheats: While fighting the bikers on the Old Mine Road, press [Left Shift] + W for an instant win.

During the demolition derby, press [Left Shift] + V. When you press it, an option will come up asking if you want to win the demolition derby

While playing a game, stop moving and do not do anything for a few minutes. Eventually, a screensaver that displays and rotates various vehicles will appear

Mini Game:
Far into the game, you'll meet Emmett. He's the guy at the Kickstand Bar playing with the knife. If you keep asking him if you can "Show him how it's done" over and over, he'll let you play with the knife.

There are a bunch of funny easter eggs and one hidden Max (as in all Lucas Arts games).

And if you just can't get past that one part, here is a page of walkthroughs:

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 10


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