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Author:E.J. Thayer
Rom Player: Windows Executable (Downloadable)
Reviewer: Mog

Synopsis: Ah yes, a Fine example of Online RPGs, except this one you DO NOT have to buy. Itís simple: you create a character, level him up, and avoid getting killed by the... *ahem* losers who want more shit to put in their inventory... Overall itís fun trying to take down a castle or sneaking around town at night, avoiding the-oh-so-fast PVP system. But the BAD part of the game is ... well, the player killers (PKers) will take you down and laugh. (see ULTIMA ONLINE, itís basically the same, though itís NOT free (5$ a month)), Starting out with only a leather shirt and a club that can barely take down a newborn kitten, and the constant need for better gear due to the hard monsters, losers who stay on all day and build their character while you sleep and when you get on; they kill you, and the constant reminder that someone is always better than you are all irritating factors. Dunno if I should put a link, but if you do decide to download this semi-good game (www.xenimus.com), I am on Server 2 (anti-PK.. Yes I am a pussy) and my Characterís name is Mog or Hyperbeam. Iíll help you out. Email me about this review at Mog@byondhorizons.com

Best Cheats: -getting level 2 easy-
Ask someone to portal you to Semel (T1) and talk to the weapons shop guy, he will spout out some cryptic Bullshit about his sister and how he needs to Deliver a letter to her. Shes in the hut below his, Just goto her and say HELLO and then follow the rest, She will give you 300 exp and a maximus Potion, sell the maximus potion and buy decent armor. Go outside town and kill one thing, And you'll become level 2

-Leech off of people!!-
Not really a cheat, Just Bum stuff off of people, and if they give you shit, Just sell it!

-Hidden Secrets-

*-Goto the castle in Terthius and Find CORSIX, say jelloc to him and see what happens!

*-Bosses are the best way of getting better weapons, if you become a Fighting class that can use swords, Skeleton warrior in the graveyard near palus Brandishes a crappy fire sword... turn invisible and try to kill him, if you win, you get a sword

*-The castle in Terthius Boasts MANY hidden passages to cool areas, theres a trick wall in the throne room that goes into an odd Dining room

*-a way to work up on Money is to Lure stuff into the town you are born in, a guard will kill it and Leave whatever that thing drops, Just pick it up and Sell it and buy some nice things

*- Theres a hidden North of Palus that sells some good gear (kinda like the hidden store on zelda) i forgot where it is

*-Dont try to kill other people, it usually ends with You getting Dealt with

*-theres an ULTRA rare merchant near Palus (yes palus, the site of the many things) that sells Ultra expensive crap

Game Play: 6
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 5
Overall Rating: 9


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