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Title: Liero
Author:Joosa Riekkinen
Rom Player: PC
Reviewer: Mog

Synopsis: Usually, I write piss-poor reviews... Not today!

Liero, a great example of DOS game power... this game will keep you strangled from reality for hours a day! Basically, itís like worms... only more pumped! You can freely move around and blast your: 1) friends or 2) CPU, into oblivion. 40 weapons to choose from, but only 5 per worm (yes worm. This is kind of a worms clone) onto the battlefield!! Some are power-houses, others suck but have nice features (faster loading times, rapid-fire...) while some, like the Fan or the dirtbomb, are mainly to keep your wormy little ass alive. The only drawback is that there is no network support; 2 human players have to share a keyboard, which could get hairy at times. The only reason why this scored a 1 in music is, there is none! The only sounds of guns blazing and worms coughing up blood. The game also comes with a level editor which is nice for making custom levels to blast away in. There are tons of graphical mods, Weapon mods, full game mods, etc. out there on the net to tie you over with new stuff. The options screen in the game is great for tweaking what type of game you want... say you wanted a SLOW, sneaky game... while I prefer putting the RELOAD time to 0, and blasting away with a Gauss Gun. Find this game and download it! Itís reallllllyyyyyy worth it!! (Http://www.lieroextreme.com )

Editorís note: the game is available here, but it will not work on Windows XP or later.

Best Cheats: Now why the hell would you want to cheat? well, i guess you could jam up your HP in the options screen, but that would be UNFAIR!

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 1
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10

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