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Title: Fallout
Author:Brian Fargo/Interplay
Rom Player: PC
Reviewer: Mog

Synopsis: WOW! A great RPG! This is set in the future where the world is a cold, cold wasteland. Basically, your vault (which kinda is like a huge underground city built to keep people alive just in case of nuclear winter...) wants you to find them a water-chip, since theirs blew out and they are too cheap to send a robot out. So they kick you out with a gun and a mission! You grudgingly walk out into the world in search of that damn waterchip, but not before getting wrapped up in the survivorsí messes.... like having to kill radscorpions for a local village or helping merchants transport goods. This game makes you use your head a lot, which is bad at times due to the fact SOMETIMES you will miss one little thing and thatís it, but donít get Fallout wrong; itís not all "serious, post-apocalyptic RPG/strategy" it has some humor... like at the beginning, the FIRST thing youíll see is Dead Fred... click on him and in your little HELP box will pop up 'you see Fred, Fredís dead' HAHAHA!! Ok, maybe thatís not funny, but if you kill Kenny of the Hub, it will say 'Oh my god, you killed Kenny!' haha! Play this game if you like strategy/RPGs!!

Gameplay: good all around system, can get annoying at times...

Graphics: pretty good for early '97

Music: Wow the music... it really puts you into the mood of the game

Originality: I consider any future games ... 1/2 original... this game doesnít follow our cookie-cutter future like we see, its kind of modern for the year 2130-ish

Best Cheats: get a trainer

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 5
Overall Rating: 10


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