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Title: Duke Nukem 3D
Author:3D Realms
Rom Player: PC
Reviewer: Sef Joosten

Synopsis: Aaaah, Duke Nukem 3D. One of my favorite memories about computer games. A really kickass game, and (for it's time) an equally kickass engine.
In the game you play -of course- Duke Nukem. A real badass guy. You have to fight aliens in Los Angeles, on the moon, and in Shrapnel City. Here's the story.
After fighting the Regilatins in DN2, you're returning to earth when your spaceship gets shot down. You hit the eject button and land in Los Angeles, which has been overrun with aliens, who are trying to take over the world. You, of course, have to kick their ass and destroy all three bosses. When doing so, you receive various kickass(yes, I use the word way too much, but that's actually the only way to describe the game)items to help you kick some alien ass.
The first world is "Hollywood Holocaust" and, you guessed it, is set in the conquered LA. Over there, the aliens have mutated the LAPD into "Pig Cops", a man/pork hybrid, as well as several normal aliens. The boss of this world resides in the San Andreas fault, and is called the "Levellord".
the second world is "Lunar Apocalypse" (my personal favorite) in which you have to fight on the moon and the alien mothership. Here, you encounter no pig cops, but a lot of Octabrains (floaty thingies that shoot psionic energy at you) and Protozoid Slimers (think Alien Facehugger, only in slime form) and of course a lot of normal aliens. Surprisingly, you encounter smaller versions of the first boss here as well. Here, you get the shrinker. a gun with which you can shrink your enemies and squash them, and the "Freezethrower". The opposite of a flamethrower, with which you can freeze your enemies and kick them to pieces. The boss here does not have a name, so I'll just call him the "Rocket launchers on his back, who dies and Duke then rips his head off and shits down his neck guy".
The third, and final, world, is called "Shrapnel City" just as in the first Duke Nukem game. here, you encounter a shitload of pig cops, protozoid slimers, octabrains, smaller Levellords, and every other enemy from the game. The boss here is called, believe it or not, "Bad Ass". Really, he is, and the battle takes place on a football field with many other enemies.
Overall, a real kickass game. Even now, because you can just shoot everything in sight. Pretty neat. I suggest that you go get it somewhere, because it's great fun.

Best Cheats: dnkroz: completely invulnerable, no wounds, nothing.
dnstuff: every item you can think of, only when the new level starts, you lose the keycards, so you might want to type it in again.
dnghost or dnclip (I'm not really sure about that one, I suggets you try both): makes you walk through walls, but not out of the level, because the game automatically shuts down then.
There are some hidden movie and game references in the game as well, like Indiana Jones, who you find impaled, a space marine from Doom, and the Terminator, under a hydraulic press.

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 9


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