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Title: Ultima VII - The Black Gate
Rom Player: PC
Reviewer: Searing

Synopsis: Origin has long been a favorite company of mine; its games were always ahead of their time and lasted for decades. The keenest aspect of their games is that they almost always tend to build more than a solid gameplay; they build entire worlds. Ultima 7 - The Black Gate is no exception. It is a complex and beautiful world, in which you play its repeated savior, The Avatar. During the game, you will engage in puzzles, intricate conversations with hundreds of characters, battles, the formation of a fighting team of characters, learn of spells and even find more Easter eggs than you can handle.
But, every game has its flaws. Though the game is immense despite its age, it is majorly obsolete software. Most computers can't run it without the emulator. It is synonymous with sound glitches and many hours of tweeking.
However, if you want a gaming experience all its own, take the time, find the emulator, tweek away.

Best Cheats: If you are very lucky, your computer can run it from the dos prompt without the need for u7win9x.
If it can, then type C:>Ultima7/ultima7'alt 255'
(hold the alt key and punch 2, 5 and 5)
This allows a huge cheat system, F1 for help, F2 for NPC editing, and F3 for teleport map.
But, this rarely works, so, try to find Ultima 7 wizard (u7wiz), its a savegame editor and can edit almost all aspects of the game (even the map itself). Careful tho, U7 is not a healthy girl, i suggest only minor stat editing.

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 5
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 9


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