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Title: Sensible Soccer
Author:Sensible Software
Rom Player: PC
Reviewer: RastaBlasta

Synopsis: This is (in my Opinion) the best Soccer-Game ever made. First released in 1992, this Game had success till today. Iím one of those big Sensi-Fans too; my first experience with that game had to be in 1993 or so, when I discovered it on a friendís Amiga. I bought the "Sensible World of Soccer"-edition in 1995 for my PC. Today, it is very hard to get this game running on a modern machine; Iím playing it at the moment with a Amiga emulator :)
There are several points which make this game different from other soccer games still today. The first thing is, you see the pitch from high above the playersí heads. You perhaps know this camera view from games like "Kick Off" or "Football Glory" (last one stole it from Sensi ;) ).
Second thing, the ball normally sticks to the playerís feet, like they are all using superglue-shoes. Not here; the ball is free in movement and after a sudden change of your running direction, the ball will not go with you always. This gives the game a more realistic touch, because not every move works perfectly (if someone ever saw a real soccer match of the FC St.Pauli, he knows what I mean ;) ). Lastly, this game offers you the simplest controls ever. There is only one button used, in offense for shooting and in defense for tackling. This works very good, all actions are easily accessible via this one button.
And thatís why this baby got a ten for "Game Play". Even todayís FIFA Soccer, with 3236735 Buttons used, cannot match the playability of good old Sensible Soccer.
The graphics are another thing. Well, they are not really bad, I would say they are neat. Really neat. But they had not even been "up to date" at the time of first Sensible Soccer. Anyway, if you want great graphics, Sensi is not your friend at all.
The music is even worse. Luckily, there is an option to switch the damn bullshit off. Really good are the sound effects. Thereís not only a simple fan chord, which sounds like waves at the beach. No wait, thereís more: the fans are chanting from time to time. They are yelling if you shoot a goal, and are even angry if the away team is leading. That was definitely something new in 1992.
But the most addictive option to me was the "Career ModeĒ in Sensible World of Soccer (SWOS). In SWOS, you can choose from about 1000(!!) clubs a team to coach for 20 seasons. There are so many leagues and cups in this Game, I guess I didnít play everything till today. During your career, you can buy, sell, or exchange players, and you can edit your own tactics. Itís very funny to choose a team from a second league and make a European champion out of it (after some years).
It was also very fun to play Sensible Soccer, or SWOS, with many friends. I remember several really long tournaments, where we played the whole night. So if you find some dudes that know how to play this game, you canít have more fun, not even with drugs (well, sex perhaps can be more fun, never compared that exactly). After all, this game is really good soccer fun still today. If you want to play it, try some abandonware sites. As far as I know, this game is free for download. Personally, I prefer the Amiga version; you have a better overview there because you see more of the pitch.
Anyway, get this BABY soon. It will really kick your ass (or Balls) ^^

Best Cheats: cheating in a soccer-game? you arent that poor, are you? ^^

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 4
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 10


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