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Title: 4D Sports Driving
Author:4D Studios (?)
Rom Player: PC
Reviewer: RastaBlasta

Synopsis: No one reviewed this Game??? Thatís a shame :)
4D Sports Driving was the first Game I had on my own Computer, and I bet it was the best racing game I ever played.
You can choose between several streetcars and even a formula one car to race on different tracks. If you want, you can drive against an enemy. You can select between several guys and girls, which can more or less race. You also choose your opponents car, which offers you a wide selection of your opponents skill. The steering itself is good; all cars have a nice handling. The tracks you are racing on are filled up with stunt elements like pipes, jump ramps, loopings, and much more. The best ten times or so are stored on the hard disk. But the addictive thing (beside the record times) is the track editor. You can easily create hundreds of custom tracks with tons of objects. Beside the track elements named above, you can put in trees, farms, skyscrapers, palm trees, or tennis courts.
Gameplay 10/10

The graphics are not easy to rate, because like all 4D-Games, this one is using polygon-graphics. But in that time, computers could only handle very few polygons. This results in a very "square" look. Just an example: for one car model in 4D, they used like 20 polygons or so. Now in 2003, 20 polygons wouldnít be even used to create a rearview mirror. So you gotta like the graphics or not, I liked them, because they were fast and gave everything a more "virtual" feeling then sprite-graphics. So for me, the graphics are a nine (compared to the possibilities at that time). Not a ten because sometimes there are some flickering polygons, and everything pops up a bit suddenly.
Graphics 9/10

Well, the music itself isnít very exciting. I only remember me switching it off. The sound effects are all what you need for a racing game. Only some environment sounds are missing, like birds or waves at the seaside, but thatís not really important. I give it a six.
Music 6/10

Ummm, a racing game isnít that original at all, but this one has its very original parts. The stunt-parts, The track editor or the wide selection of cars and enemies are for me somehow original, meaning that I didnít see another game with such a variety of racing options that times. For a racing game it is original, yes, and so I give it a nine.
Originality 9/10

Overall Rating:
I looooooove this game. Had so many fights against friends with this. You donít need a two-player mode if you have recorded times. And friends who are all trying to beat them. I think I also have about five hundred custom tracks on my hard disk. Itís a real pity that this game doesnít work on Windows2000/higher-Systems anymore :( And as far as I know, there had never been a racing game with that conditions again. So buy yourself an old DOS-Machine and play this high addictive racing game. You wonít be disappointed :)
Overall Rating 10/10

Best Cheats: Not really a Cheat, but the absolute Need for a Great Roundtime: Choose the Formula One Car and if you are now jumping in the highest Gear you will be on "Super-Speed", which is very hard to steer but also VERY fast.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 10


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