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Title: SIM Ant
Rom Player: Macintosh
Reviewer: JaminBJW

Synopsis: At first view of the mac review page, I almost cried. Having owned Mac's my whole life I intend to fill this page if its the last god forsaken thing I do, and Iím starting with the classic SIM tittles. First of all, is Sim Ant. If you can get past the title (which sounds admittedly gay) this game is actually a very enjoyable experience. You play as an ant, no duh, in one of 2 scenarios. (the third is am experiment mode, which is really evil >=) ) Choosing either a long game or a short game, you begin as a young queen just starting a colony. As soon as she lays her first egg, viola! Your character is born. You proceed with menial tasks such as gathering food, building your nest, killing red ants etc. Gameplay is simple, clicking and double-clicking to execute commands. There are a number of threats, spiders, lawnmowers, feet, and these nasty little pit-worm things. In a short game u play for control of an area over the red ants, and in long, try to take control of the house and drive out the humans and red ants. So simple game.
The really cool part though, is the in-game functions. You can become any ant in your colony you want. A worker, Soldier, Queen, or even the Spider! (And man if you unlock the lazer eye he opens boxes of whoopass like thereís no tomorrow!). It can actually get kinda complicated, managing castes, population, expansion, food level nest size, but Iím making it to confusing. All you really need to do is have it on and eventually youíll have fun.
Music, sucks. Thatís all. Get off my back.
Graphics. Its old mac, whadaya think?
This game is very original actually, even though there are thousands of SIM games out there, I donít think there are a ton that actually place you in an insect world. This will keep you busy for at least a few days, and, if you can find it, probably sells for a $1.50. Itís nothing great, but i like it.

Best Cheats: Go to the area map screen, and there will be a blank button on the bottom right screen. Press it repededly for varried effects

P.S. the creators loved elvis or somthing, there are tons of referances

Game Play: 6
Graphics: 2
Music/Sound: 1
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 7


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