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Title: Devil World
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: Mike Butler

Synopsis: Ever hear of Nintendo's "DEVIL WORLD"? No?? Itís a rare Japanese import game for the NES. Itís about a demon slaying dragon who likes ice cream!?!

The stages are done in "loops" of three kinds of stages. Level 1 of loop 1 is different than level 1 of loop 2, mind you. The gameplay is like Pac-Man, but better in the first stage of the loop. You use crosses to protect from the evil [and cute] demons. Destroy the demons food pellets, and the demons will flee, leaving you to destroy the demon altar [stage 2] of this loop. You do so by shoving bibles in the windows {!?!}Satan flees to the next loop, and you chase him, but not before a snack. Stage 3 is a bonus stage where you collect ice cream. Wouldn't it melt in hell? Did I mention itís 2-player simultaneous?

Great! Some of the best on the NES. The demons are cute lil' one eyed buggers who look like shy guys. I think they need a mask a too. You are a yellow dragon [who looks like the Bust-a-Move guy] and 2P is a red dragon. When the screen scrolls, itís accompanied by animation of little demons moving the walls with pulleys. Hilarious! It also explains why those damned screens scroll in half the NES games. It was little demons with pulleys!!

Not a lot of music, but the sounds are eerily realistic for an NES. The only music is at the title screen, and the pulley scenes.

It wouldíve been higher if it weren't for that whole Pac-Man inspiration crap. But still, itís the only bible-huggin'-demon-shovin'-ice-cream-lovin'-trek-thru-hell available for NES. Also, it seems 3-D, and 2-players at once was rare.

Overall, itís a great game, but only available through import, hacking, or emulation. :{

Pick it up however you can!!

Best Cheats: Probably Not

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 8

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