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Title: Streets of Rage (2nd Review)
Rom Player: Gens
Reviewer: solidsnake921

Synopsis: The game takes place in a once peaceful city that has been taken over by gangs overnight, whom are led by Mr. X, or something like that. Obviously, the story really isn't that important...

I remember when I used to play this game at my friendís house for hours at a time. Each player chooses his character (you have the choice between Blaze, Axel, and Adam; all of them being ex-cops with the intent of bringing an end to Mr. X's rain of terror), and then of course, it's time to hit the streets! Streets of Rage is a classical beat 'em up (see dude, kill dude, grab weapon, see dude, etc.), but what I found really interesting is the action button that lets you call in reinforcements (a cop car drives by, a copper gets out, and fires a bazooka at the baddies).
Plus, it's always a challenge to try and get one of the baddies to be squished by some kind of giant hammer thingy, or throw him off of the building in the elevator level...
And who doesn't love beating up your fellow good guy and claiming it "by accident"

The graphics are alright for a Sega game, and the sound isn't too bad either, but sometimes the levels get kind of tedious and the action is relatively slow compared to other beat 'em ups.

Note: this game is also titled bare knuckle.

Best Cheats: Cheat mode:
Highlight the "Options" selection on the main menu, hold Right + A + B + C on controller two, and press Start on controller one. This will allow level selection and game play with seven lives

Extra continues:
Press Left(2), B(3), C(3), Start at the title screen.

Bonus lives:
Press Start at the end of a level before the point total is calculated for an additional life. Up to nine lives can be accumulated

Wait until the count is done at the end of each level before proceeding. You will sometimes get more lives.
Information in this section was contributed by AmenMJ.

Extra points:
Defeat the level 3 Boss and use the special weapon before he lands on the ground to receive a 5,000 point bonus.

Secret options:
Press Start on controller two at the title screen. Use controller two to highlight the "Options" selection, hold A + B on controller two and press Start on controller one. The "Easiest" and "Mania" difficulty levels may no wbe selected.

Single Boss in two player mode:
Begin game play in one player mode, then press Start on controller two when player one appears. Only one Boss will appear during the game, which will switch to two player mode.

Two player versus mode:
Begin game play in two player mode and reach the last Boss. The Boss will ask if you want to join him. Have player one answer "No" and player two answer "Yes".

Hint: Bad ending:
Win a two player versus fight in the last Boss' room. Answer "No" on the second question, then defeat the last Boss to see the bad ending during credits.

Hint: Two player versus without bad ending:
Win a two player versus fight in the last Boss' room. Answer "Yes" on the second question. You will fall down a trap to Round 6. Go through the levels until you reach the last Boss again. This time he will not ask any more questions, and will start fighting. Defeat him and the good ending will appear during the credits

Hint: Fighting Abadede:
Punch Abadede, the Round 3 Boss, before he hits you when he dashes towards you. He will dash again, so punch him again. Repeat this until he falls down and look out for any other opponents. Note: Abadede makes an appearance in Streets Of Rage 2 as the Stage 4 main Boss in the underground arena.

Hint: Fighting Big Ben:
Make sure you are out of Big Ben's way when he breathes fire (e.g. if he is near the top of the screen, make sure you are at the bottom so he will miss.) Then, get behind and grab him. If you throw him now, he will collapse on you, so quickly release him. Then, grab him immediately and he should be facing you. All you have to do now is continually hit him until he is defeated. Note: Big Ben makes an appearance in Streets Of Rage 2 on Stage 4 near the baseball diamond. He is a bit shorter and wears a cap.

Hint: Fighting the final Boss:
Play a two player game. When you reach the final Boss, have one player fight the final Boss while the other player fights the other enemies

Hint: Surviving throws
When you are thrown by an enemy, hold Up and press C (Jump) repeatedly to land safely. Note: You will not land safely when you are flung off an edge --you will still take damage.

Hint: Throw person:
When someone grabs you from behind, press C(2) to have your player kick out twice, then press B. Your character will throw the person holding him from behind and kill them.

Hint: Defeating the jumping ladies:
If you are playing with Blaze, hold B and turn your back to them. One of them will jump. Press C to stop the kick, hitting her. The other lady will try to get you from behind. Press C again and kick her. Repeat this until they are defeated. If timed correctly, you will not even have moved from your position.

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 4
Overall Rating: 9

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