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Title: Power Blade
Rom Player: NESten
Reviewer: SLjimbo

Synopsis: OK, don't let the cheap "Look at me, I'm Arnie Schwarznegger" title screen fool you. This game can be mighty fun if you make good use of your boomerang-throwin' character.

Instead of making it a Point A to Point B game, Power Blade throws in objectives you must complete before facing the level boss. Interesting concept that you gotta find agents within each level in order to move on. Probably it's a good guess that Power Blade was the first in mission objective games.

The best thing about Power Blade is the very responsive controls. Using the boomerang is easy and jumping isn't a chore. Along the way you'll get some nifty powerups such as the Power Blade (you armor up and start throwing fire waves) and the hand grenade (kills every enemy on screen, 'cept for bosses).

While locating the agents in each sector may be simple, some of the bosses are kind of hard, making Power Blade at least challenging.

In closing, Power Blade is a great NES action game that is also innovative. On the other hand, Power Blade 2 is just too easy to beat, but Power Blade 1 will give you your time's worth.

Best Cheats: To open all levels, enter B67K2258 on the password screen.

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 6
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 8

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