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Title: 1943
Rom Player: FCE Ultra
Reviewer: Hugoku

Synopsis: This is my second classic game review in just a little more than 2 years. Again, surprised that no one has done a single review for this classic game. Forget the dreadful 1942, a very-first generation NES. Here is what I consider the best shooter for the system. You control a US airplane as you battle the Japanese air force in the famous battle of Midway during WWII. That's of course in the US version of the game. In Japan, the roles are reversed.
Game Play - Much improved from 1942. For a change, here the airplane moves smoothly and swiftly so you can forever forget the horrible frame rate of 1942. You have your basic machine gun with button "B" and a lightening attachment on "A". Be warned that the lightening attack takes up fuel which is also lost if you get hit by the enemy fire.
You can charge your machine gun and release a more powerful blast.
There are also the power ups, which include a scatter shot, a 3-way-shot, auto machine gun and some powerful rockets. The best is the 3-way since it has long range, is semi-auto and you can alternate between normal shot and power blast. There's also the energy power ups. All of these come courtesy of the "pink planes", which are 5 and you have to shot them all down to get the power up.
Also, there are hidden power ups in the stages and some will let you upgrade your plane's stats which are, energy level, offensive power, defensive power, SW time limit and SW type (available). Very deep for its time.
A big thing that separates 1943 from 1942 is the boss battles. Now at the end of each stage you will need to battle against a Battleship or a Airship which makes things even more fun.
Graphics -
For a 1st generation Capcom title, the graphics are great. The enemy planes are very diverse and the bosses, although some are similar are very well done.
Music - The sound is not the best of the NES, but the music tunes are excellent and very catchy, and they even seem to fit the action on the screen!
Originality - Shooters may not seem original in these days but at the time, this game was unique, and it still is.

Overall - Pick this game up, now...

Best Cheats: None that I know, but there is a very simple pattern in the password feature which is documented in sites like Gamefaqs and the like, but that's for losers who can't get past level 10.

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 9

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