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Title: Magician Lord
Author:Alpha Denshi
Rom Player: NeoRAGEx
Reviewer: Dr. Boogie

Synopsis: This ainít your daddyís magic game, boyee! From what I can piece together, the plot has something to do with this evil caped man stealing books and making monsters all over the place. You are placed you in the shoes of a wizard with an obsession with the color blue, who for argumentís sake will be the Magician Lord, who has to go get the books and take them back to the library before a late fee is incurred. Your main weapon is this blue crescent spell that makes a sound like paper tearing whenever you use it. It takes one to put down most enemies, but you find plenty of tougher, weirder guys that take quite a bit of blue moons. Unfortunately, you are a frail wizard, and only have two hit points. Fortunately, you find orbs of three different colors that give you two additional hit points and will transform you into various hero types like a dragon/human hybrid, a samurai, and some weird guy who makes a field of lightning around himself to name a few. You also find powerups that raise the damage your projectiles do, but one hit will undo that bonus. Your enemies are, in a word, bizarre. There are some odd looking guys wearing Scream mask that I assume are zombies, flying mutant things, literal frogmen, etc. Plus, each stage begins with the level name and a headshot of the miniboss. After you defeat the miniboss, you get zipped away and get a talking to by the caped man who stole the books. Now, most of the lines in the game are either not translated properly or are just too damn cryptic to understand, like ďagain changes to hell,Ē and he gets the worst of the bunch. By some stroke of luck, however, the voice actor for the guy sounds just a little bit like Tommy Chong, thus drawing attention away from the bad writing. I was disappointed when I could find no pot-made truck anywhere in the game. After he yells at you, you get to fight a really mutated boss that I canít even begin to describe. The game goes on like this through levels right out of a fantasy art exhibit and some that look like bad acid trips. The sound effects are ok, but it didnít seem like there were a whole lot of different sound effects. The music is pretty damn good, though. This is a fine example of a side-scrolling shooter, even if mutants and magicians arenít your bag.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 9


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