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Title: Prince of Persia
Rom Player: Gens
Reviewer: CrAcKy Kracker

Synopsis: I first played this game when I was 7 or 8 years old. I didnít like it too much because DAMN, IT IS HARD. Iím not joking. ITíS AS HARD AS AN EXCITED BONER. The story goes. This Arab king called Jaffar gives the princess a choice: Marry him or die. You, the hero, (weíll call him Aladdin cuz itís just like the movie, except no genie) must rescue her in an hour. Literally. Thereís a 1 hour time limit. When I first played the game, I didnít like it too much. Itís pretty damn challenging, and it WILL, mark my words, frustrate younger or inexperienced gamers. Maybe the Genesis version is the hardest, I dunno. But I found something about the game thatís fun. Prince of Persia is an incredibly violent game. You can fall off cliffs, you can get stabbed by guards, you call fall into spikes, you can get killed.....in other ways. WHAT FUN FOR US, BUT NOT OUR HERO! It may seem like Iím making the game worse than it is, but itís a nice little game to play that you could beat in a hour or so (Iím just looking at the time limit on the screen, it may be longer.)

Gameplay: 6 There isnít really anything too exciting about the gameplay. It just delivers the minimum. You canít jump (at least on the Genesis version Iím aware of, but I rented this game, so thereís no manual to teach you the controls.) (Editorís note: Just so thereís no confusion, you CAN jump in Prince of Persia).

Graphics: 7 Yeah, they were basically what the Genesis graphics delivered, so no complaints there.

Music: 7 I remember the sound effects were really good, but I donít remember the music (I never pay attention to the music while Iím playing).

Originatly: 3 Jaffar, Arabia, a hero out to save the princess? Seems a little bootlegged to Aladdin to me.

Overall rating 7: Pick up this copy if you like gruesome deaths, but prepare for frustration, people.

Best Cheats: I heard that there are cheats to increase your time and decrease it, but i dunno what they are.

Game Play: 6
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 3
Overall Rating: 7

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