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Title: Super Spy, The
Rom Player: NeoRAGEx
Reviewer: Dr. Boogie

Synopsis: You see 007, when I put a quarter into this machine, it lets me activate a secret training program. You play yet another title character, the game refers to you as “Roy” in the beginning, who has to accomplish various terrorist-related missions where you find bombs and such by taking out select individuals with extreme prejudice. This game is played entirely from a first person view. This gets a little odd, as any time you have to walk towards or away from something, you get treated to some rather unusual visual distortion. When you fight enemies in this first person slugfest, they fight with your basic Norris/Van Damme/Seagal/Every-other-action-movie mentality: One guy fights, the other stands in back and gives moral support. You start your “mission” with your fists, a combat knife, and a pistol with one clip. Apparently, you work for an under funded secret agency. While it would make sense to use your knife to disembowel everyone you meet, your knife loses power each time you stab someone with it. I guess your agency decided to send you into battle with a balsa wood knife. To illustrate this, the knife turns redder and redder as you gouge. At some point, it becomes easier to punch your enemies that stab them for a while. Fortunately, you appear to be an expert in at least one martial art. You can punch or kick your enemies, though the kicks are just knees to the abdominal and groin region until you finish the guy. After you wear your foe down, a regular punch turns into an uppercut and a kneeing becomes a boot to the head, both attacks managing to hurl the poor bastard into the background, and often breaking things like windows and pipes. Plus, you can spend a few seconds charging your punch into a very noisy and very powerful punch that will send them straight to the back. Your pistol has the same effect as a full strength punch, sending the bad guys into the background while doing good damage. You also get the added bonus of being able to pistol-whip anyone who needs more encouragement than being shot in the head. On occasion, and I mean really damn rare, you will find an uzi. You get the pistol-whip bonus and the uzi itself covers a great deal of the screen when you fire it. It even has more ammo than the pistol, go figure. Well, like I was saying, you find stuff, and you do this by entering rooms that are spread out throughout the levels. Most are filled with odd-looking scientists and hostages (The most unusual of which is a guy with his mouth stuck in a permanent “O”) with only badly-translated phrases about how scared they are, while others will help you by giving you a new knife, the uzi, some health, or some info on the terrorists. The bad guys, however hapless, consist mainly of ninjas and desert raiders, but occasionally you get some weird guys with screwdrivers and lethal hairspray, bald guys with a monocle and a dashiki, and really muscular freakazoids. The sound effects are mainly the grunting of combat, some gunfire, and explosions. The music is just a couple of repetitive songs with a hint of spy-type movie in them. This game can get on your nerves, but it is playable.

Best Cheats: Right hook – (not really a cheat, but nobody tells you about it) Pressing up and either left or right while punching will cause you to unleash a right hook. It’s not very powerful, but it knocks guys down for a minute, giving you some time to figure you what to do next.

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 7


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