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Title: Young Merlin
Rom Player: ZSNES

Synopsis: I begun playing this game two days ago:

1:22 pm

-I found this game on romnation. It sounded okay then the playing begun....

1:29 pm
-I begun playing as some moron who can't swim. He tries to rescue his ho but he can't. I threw a ruby in some hole and it turned into a flaming star! Is the kid on crack? Can you throw a ruby in a pond and make it a weapon? Okay continuing on...

2:10 pm
-I was about to go insane I almost got killed by some of this kids hallucinations, think I am losing some use of my left eye because of that flashing star!
3:08 pm
-After a few minutes of muscle spasms and fighting those midget hallucinations and listening to the brain-numbing music, I found a bottle with some "magic blue drink" in it which healed you. I think I found another joint err... "jewel" you throw in the lake.

4:18 pm
-The right side of my body is useless. The kid is now in some lake looking for a fairy in some glass case but... they do not talk! They use bubbles that show pictures! They have no useful thing in the world that could make me continue but I do anyway.

%:^$ fh?
-I can nott sea orrr typ anemor th flsh hs gon to mi bran.The graphic programmers are special kids who made these drawings in his special art class. Now the kid has got a bottle of magic alcohol that makes him invisible.

190 hx
-Okay it is almost over I beat a blob and the kid got his girl and some guy is up there doing his "happy" dance at least I think....

Last note: Do not play this game. Burn it. Shoot it. Wipe your ass with it. Send it to the company with a c4 attached to it

Best Cheats: None but a de suck coide would be nice.

Game Play: 2
Graphics: 3
Music/Sound: 3
Originality: 1
Overall Rating: 2


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