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Title: Kirby Superstar DX (3rd Review)
Author:Nintendo & Hal
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: Spectre-x

Synopsis: (Editor's note: Kirby Superstar DX is "Kirby's Fun Pak" in Europe.) Aaaah, Kirby's Fun Pak. My favourite game on the SNES EVER! >:( Actually, it's not as much as a game than it is a collection of games. There;s Spring Breeze, Dynablade, Treasure Hunt, Revenge of Meta-Kinght, Milky Way Wishes, and several minigames.

Graphics: Oh how I love them. Great work on them, cartoony etc. just what the pink ball needs.

Music: Well, the music kicked ass in some areas, but I didn't really pay that much attention to it, seeing as I was busy kicking Meta-knight's ass.

Gameplay: Aaaah, gameplay. Kirby is actually pretty inovative in that departement, see, Kirby has this thing... Whenever you encounter a grunt or other small enemy, you can absorb them, and either spit them out, or absorb their power.
There are various powers, including:
-Sword, which gives Kirby a hat like Link from Zelda and also a sword that's as tall as he is. The Sword is also the most versatile and powerful weapon, there;s a smash attack, a ranged attack, a spinning attack, a charge attack etc. Sword is also the most bad-ass of the weapons in the game.
-Jojo, which gives Kirby a cap and a jojo. The jojo is one of the best weapons if you need to press buttons that are out of your reach, seeing as it can go through walls and has a pretty big range. It's also very very powerful, although not as powerful as the sword, it is still good for big-ass enemies that you don't really want to come close to at all (i.e. Robo Lobster from RoMK)
-Blade, gives Kirby a kind of Roman Gladiator helmet, and has a giant 'destroy everything in your path or at least cause extreme damage' attack, and also allows for very fast attacks.
-rock, where you get this kind of crown, and allows you to turn into a rock, rendering you invulnerable to anything, exept from getting crushed or falling into bottomless pits. You can also jump over your enemies and then turn into a rock, destroying them instantly when they're grunts or little bosses.
Of course there are tons more powers, but this review will get just too long if I name them all (and I also forgot some :( )
Also, the powers you get in Milky Way Wishes are permanent, you can store them for later use.

Originality: Well, what can I say? It's original as hell. You play somehting extremely cute and PINK, yet, the cute pink thing is one of the biggest bad-asses in Nintendo history. You fight enemies varying from magical monsters to just robots and spaceships, and giant planet-sized clockwork machines of doom not entirely unlinke Unicron.

Now, the games, shall we begin?
Spring Breeze: the easiest and smallest Kirby Game. King Dedede has stolen all of the land's food and wants to keep it for himself. Kirby is off to fight him etc.
It has four levels, the last one being the one where you beat Dedede in a wrestling ring. It's really easy and has a feel about it that it's basically made ofr toddlers etc. but it's still enjoyable.

Dynablade: The giant bird Dynablade has stolen the land's food and Kirby is out to stop her. Also not as difficult, and aimed at a more general audience. But, it's got a twist.
Turns out Dynablade was a good guy, well, girl, and that she only stole the food for her young to eat. Kirby settles this by puting them under a boss from Spring Breeze, a giant tree that raines apples.

Treasure Hunt: Kirby falls into an abandoned pit and has to fight his way out of an underground maze of interdimensional portals. It's the most difficult of the Kirby games I know, seeing as the thing is a fucking MAZE that if you were to put a Minotaur and an Athenian prince in it, they'd both die of starvation long before they could be able to face off against each other. Even if they were to be put in the same area as each other.
Anyhoo, the goal is to collect as much treasure in the cave complex as you can, for which you will recieve gold when you finally get the hell out of there.
It's a tricky, tricky game, inteded for older players.

Revenge of Meta-Knight: Now we're talking. The best Kirby game ever concieved. Propably not even by mortal men, but by God him/her/itself.
The game has a cinematic feel to it, where Kirby goes out and tries to stop Meta-Knight from destroying the island where Kirby lives...and the rest of the planet. This game has the most bosses there are in the Fun Pak, apart from the Atena, but that's besides the point. Kirby boards the Halberd, Meta-Knight's ship (which is HUGE!), and tries to stop it from leaving it's dock, but he fails as he's blown off by it's gigantic engines. He lands on a small island and has to fight his way through a shitload of enemies, after which he gets picked up by Dynablade and gets carried off to the ship before it can do any damage. Kirby has to fight literally hundreds of mini-bosses, and alot of them similtaneously. Kirby goes about on the ship destroying critical parts of it, and finally facing Meta-Knight himself. The final battle is a huge wordfight, which, if it were to be put on film, would put the likes of the Matrix and Star Wars to shame. After you beat him, you have to escape from the now dying ship, and you're still getting chased by Meta-Knight, who's gone all out and flies after you trying to slice you in half. There's also a timelimit, which, if it runs out, means you blew up with the ship. If you make it, you jump onto the island and if you loom carefully, you see Meta-Knight escape.
Now, this is my all-time favourite Kirby game, and it's clearly no kids' stuff. This pak kicks ass even without the other games. Just because of this one.

Milky Way Wishes: A pretty strange game. The Sun and Moon are fighting and Kirby has to awaken the giant planet-sized clockwork wish machine Nova, by collecting the energy stars from the 8 planets in the solar system.
This game features the biggest innovation in Kirby since...well, ever, because you can't steal powers temporarily, but you have to pick up several pods which contain a certain power, and after that, it's permanent. You can select from a menu and choose which power you want to use.
Now, in the beginning, you're told by a little guy with glasses and a jester hat (forgot the name :( ) that you must start up Nova and make the wish that the Sun and Moon stop fighting. Unfortunately for you, the guy screws you over and ejects you into space right after Nova is activated to wish for the controll of Disco Star (Kirby's planet, I believe). Nova speeds up to Disco Star, but is stopped by the Sun and Moon, who are now fighting for the common good. The energy stars of the 8 planets unite with you and give you a spaceship with which you fly into Nova's core to destroy it side-scrolling-flight-sim style. After you do so, you go after the four-eyed bastard traitor, who has now become an almost ultimate fighting machine. After you beat him, everything is safe etc. and the minigames are unlocked.
This is also a pretty original game, seeing as you can pick from any planet you want to fight on, well, you have to unlock some of them though, but still. It's the biggest game there is on the Fun Pak

Minigames: Samurai Showdown, Megaton Punch, Food Race and Arena.

Samurai Showdown: speed test, samurai style.
Food Race: race Dedede for the island's food.
Megaton Punch: speed tester, have the correct combination in angle and force, and you can smash the god-damned planet in-fucking-half!
Arena: You go up against all enemies...EVER in Kirby history. From Meta-Knight to Dedede to waddle-dee. You don't start out with new gealth every time either, you have to use skill to keep it.

Well, that's it about the diffirent games. Now a closing word:

Overall opinion: Get. The. Rom. NOW! You better get it unless you wanna miss out on the best Game for the SNES EVER!!! EVER!!!!! GET IT DAMN YOU!!!

Best Cheats: none that I know of. Handy tip though: try and keep the jojo skill when you have it, you can push buttons with it through walls, and it clears up areas with destroyable blocks up VERY fast.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10


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