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Title: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (4th Review)
Rom Player: NESTEN
Reviewer: Shirt669

Synopsis: Well Well Well.
I know that a lot of the other reviewers wrote this game of before they even played it.

I beg to differ. Zelda 2 offers a fantastic story, wonderful graphics, and a GrEaT side scrolling view when entering battle, dungeons or towns. I found the view very good, as I felt more involved in the game itself.

The story (roughly) goes like this=
basically, this princess called Zelda(duh)was put into a deeeeep sleep by a evil magician a long time ago. So link has to take these 6 crystals to each statue in each palace(which are very well guarded) So he can then break "the evil bind" and head to the great palace in the valley of death. But he M-U-S-T not die, because if he does, Ganon (the king of evil) will be revived.

I think this game is definitely the hardest in the series, and it does live up to that. This is largely to the fact that there a not very many health powerups(except for the fairies on the world map, more on that later) which can be very disturbing.

The world map is great, you will travel similar to the other Zelda games, but you will notice that you cannot strike with your sword on the overview map. Instead, the second you stray off the path you will be mobbed by about 3 monsters (at the start of the game.)However when you progress deeper into the game, you will be attacked by large groups of monsters on the main map. If you touch any of these little monster symbols the camera will switch to a side scrolling view and a fight with a group of monsters will take place, action style. If you kill enough of these monsters, you will level up and become stronger in the aspects of strength, magic and life. Occasionally you will encounter fairies and they are invaluable to your progress in the game.

The music in the game is very good, way above par for any of the games of its time. When you are on the main map, the original Zelda music will play, when fighting the music will change, when in town, etc. Plus when you get killed, a fairly impressive sound bite will play of something grunting or laughing (presumably Ganon) will play. The sound bite is superior to KUNG FU's classic ahHAAHAHAhehhoo. I know it sounds crap, but just because I canít tell what the hell it is doesnít make it crap. IT DOES'NT! I swear...

Another good thing about this game is the spell system, which you learn off the various wise men (whom are actually the infamous OLD MAN that nobody likes) after completing side quest for you. Press start to choose your spell, then select to cast it while in Scrolling Mode! Fantastic! You also learn the upthrust and downthrust technique from the hidden knights in the game, which are very cool and useful.

At first the bosses are notoriously easy, such as horsehead and helmethead, but at the end f the game, you get to fight...(donít read if you donít want spoilers)Your Own Shadow! he has fantastic A.I and he is a very tough boss. A real challenge to beat him!

the graphics are fairly good, nothing special, but everything is very well drawn, like monsters and inside dungeons.

Going into towns is an absolute necessity, even though some of the townsfolk are very irritating and spout out generic messages such as= Hello young Fellow! and= I am far too busy to talk to you. It makes you want to stab a sword approximately three inches into his (or your own) eyeball. Well at least I do. Hey man, donít touch me. Iím crazy. Just kidding!
Now back on subject. Some of the villagers, however are very helpful in completing your quest, giving you handy hints and... lets just say some of the villagers are a little friendly, such as going being invited into the house of a young woman (who restores your health) and later, into the house of an old woman (shiver)
who restores your mp. Luckily, Nintendoís censoring doesnít show anything. Itís probably just my imagination, but I am just saying what everyone is thinking!

Overall, I feel this game is very enjoyable, and I always had fun playing it. It was my first ever Zelda game, and will forever be my favorite.
Personally I think the other reviewers think that, "it's different so it sucks" attitude, but for me, not so. It's my personal favorite! Try it and use YOUR un-biased opinion as well.

Best Cheats: If you are using NESTEN like me, go into the cheat section, enable cheats, and type these in then add them as game genie codes.
SZKGKXVK=Unlimited Lives
SZUTYUSE=Unlimited Health
warning= this can screw it up abit, plus you will be extracting the fun out of the game!

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10


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