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Title: Sky Blazer
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: Dr. Boogie

Synopsis: Ah, punching and magic, they go together like cookies and uh… Anyway, Sky Blazer is the story of a very naughty god named Raglan, who commands his servant, Ashura, the god of war, to bring him a sacrifice powerful enough to bring him back to life. You control a kid named “Sky,” who happens to be the child of the famous skylord that previously beat Raglan into submission. Your first attempt to shut down Ashura ends with you getting killed very quickly, thus allowing Ashura to grab some powerful sorceress and run off. Despite being so powerful, the sorceress can’t even muster a single spell to help herself. Fortunately, you are revived by some old jerk that advises you on your little quest, saying that you need to gather the four magics and then get the Fiery Phoenix magic before you face Ashura. I’m not kidding about that “jerk” stuff, the guy never seems to be pleased with the progress you make, and always seems annoyed with you. Of course, after you get to hear how proud Sky is of himself, you might just be that way too. You fight your way through each level by punching, kicking, and jump kicking every living thing that crosses your path. Occasionally, you’ll go through a stage where you have to use a jet pack-like device to fly all over the place while you shoot fireballs out of your hand. I don’t know why you wouldn’t just use that fireball trick all the time, but he must know something that I don’t. As if that weren’t enough hot gliding action for you, you freak, then you’ll be pleased to know that on two separate occasions, you fly third-person style, while trying to gather gems in order to get 1-ups. You also get to use the aforementioned magics once you find them. You start out with a decent wave attack spell, but you get to find ones that allow you to heal yourself, call lightning, stop time, etc. The enemies that you get to pummel range from mutant bat things, to ooze, and even little fishies. The bosses are particularly strange, among them a spinning wall, a walking genie lamp, and something that looks like a combination of an elephant, a turtle, and a gargoyle. You’re treated to some pretty interesting sound effects for bashing enemies and using magic, plus you get a “ha” whenever you punch. The music is confusing, with a few hits from the musical instrument commonly tied to music representing India (I suppose it makes sense, since Ashura kind of looks like Ganesha, but without the elephant head), as well as some kind of electronic symphony music for boss battles. The game is pretty short, but it is fun to play. Also noteworthy, there are quite a few translation errors, both in spelling and in sentence structure. My favorite is the title in the credits, “divelopment exective.” Ha!

Best Cheats: Last stage with plenty of lives - At the Title screen, go to the Password option and press Start. Match up the colored squares and hit Start when you're finished. You'll begin on the last stage with 30 lives.

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 9


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