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Title: Wizard Of Oz, The (2nd Review)
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: Matto

Synopsis: I'm going to try to be funny for reviewing this "game". But the sad part is, I can't. Making fun of this crapload is not funny at all, it's a painful moment in my life that I'd wish I forget. I have to be frank for a moment, Wizard Of Oz is the worst SNES game of all time. This would make a great laugh on I-Mockery's TV Shows And Movies Make Shitty Games, considering that the I-Mockery staff is ten times more funnier then I'll ever be.

I also loved the Oz movie, even if it is 500 years old or something, it's a great movie. Now Seta is a game company that makes blunders so bad that I think their staff is made up of crap that have brains (or not). In fact, Seta didn't have a fucking clue what Oz was. Maybe if they did it would still suck, because this Oz game is nothing like the movie. I start my review right now, but be warned, this blows major. Because...


Most movie games hold some of the story to the real movie, you might find some elements that were taken from the movie. Oz doesn't, I can count how many mistakes are in this shitty pile of shit. Remember how Dorothy got clunked on the back of the head with that window shutter in that tornado part of the movie? In this game, she asleep in the middle of a fucking field, saying the lies to that "Over The Rainbow" song, while a tornado (I must give Seta credit, they WERE able to make a tornado look right.) is tearing her Kansas farm apart. Seta was able to make it the classic black and white graphics for the start, but it falls apart from there.


In Oz you control Dorothy and her screwy friends Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Lion. The object of the game is to get to the city made of green crap, because I always thought it was crap. But you can't get in without city tickets... WTF? Tickets?? Since when the fuck do the four idiots need tickets, all they had to do was piss off that midget guy at the door and he let them in, or Dorothy can just show him the Ruby Slippers. Speaking of Ruby Slippers, the two red high heels help you though the game, in other words... make you float for a few seconds. They don't help much, but what did you expect? This is a shitty game after all, all items in a shitty game must suck.

The game also screws up the story line, Dorothy had to follow to yellow brick road in the movie. It took up to about a hour or so of the movie because she was meeting her friends. In the game it will take you five minutes before you quit and flip off the T.V., she doesn't follow the fucking yellow road, she goes though frickin' mountains just to get to Green Crap City and though a barn with chainsaws and other stupid shit.

Oh, and controlling the slut and her friends is damn near impossible. You can't control your jump, the kicking move is almost shitty to useless and the only useful thing they got is shooting items. Yes, they can shoot magic bubbles and gem stones from... what ever they have. Because some of the bad asses in Oz can't be killed as easily with a kick. Oh and Tin Man can't jump, word.

I hate the game play, I give it a 1 because it blows beyond reason. And what's worse...


I love how Seat tried to make Oz look good, most of the characters only have two frames of movement and their jumping looks as bad as it controls. The good part is that the four main dumbasses look different.

And the backgrounds are shitty, another 1, another waste of time.


Seta tried, and they fucked up. They tried to get the theme songs from the movie, they got a low budget composer and they handed him a music sheet with garbled notes and he made music, real shitty music. Do me a favor and turn to music down?

Oh and sound effects suck to, Sound gets a 2 for trying to make Oz music.


What I said above, in caps lock, is no joke. Oz has some of the most retarded ideas in the world.

Real meeting at Seta:

Boss: Now friends, I added crows in vest to the list of bad guys to that game we are making.
(Worker #1 puts his hand up.)
Worker #1: What was that game again?
Boss: The Wizard of Oz.
(The real boss comes in.)
Boss: Tim, I didn't tell you to make a game, you are the retard that pulls fire alarms and fucks himself.
(Tim then looks at the alarm pull station, pulls down the handle and then fucks himself.
Boss: we are screwed.

Matto getting stupid, so gives 1 for originality.

I hope you stay away from this game.

For good.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 1
Graphics: 1
Music/Sound: 2
Originality: 1
Overall Rating: 1

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