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Title: Operation Wolf
Rom Player: nnnester j
Reviewer: andrew snyder

Synopsis: Plot: Picture it - you are a soldier in the war titled w.o.l.f. and your mission is to save all of the hostages that your enemies have captured. Now it is up to you to get them out and get out of there alive, so the question is are you ready??

Gameplay: well you have 2 choices on how to play. You have the controller and if you use the controller you control the cross hair around and then thereís my favorite. The zapper gun. If you use this I think the name tells its story. What would I use if I were you. The trusty zapper.

Graphics: since itís an NES game Iíll lay off but to tell the truth these graphics arenít the best they could do on NES. The men look like blobs of shit and the helicopters look like giant friggin squares. Stick to the 007 games if your into graphics.

Music: I played this when I was like 3 or 4 [Iíve been gaming since I was 2 1/2] and lemme tell ya the music got to me. Itís a really creepy music style [I guess while youíre playing itís trying to scare you] the music is war-based crap. Itís really creepy.

Originality: Back when this came out it was damn near impossible to come around a 1st person shooter game. So Iíd give it a 9 [this game started the 1st person stuff thank god for this game]

Overall: Classic if you see it somewhere pick it up or download it its a really good game!

p.s. if you dunno were to download games from here 2 website

next review im doin is snow bros

Best Cheats: pick up a game genie cause thats the only way to get them

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 5
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 8

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