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Title: Skul Jagger
Author:American Softworks Corp.
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: Dr. Boogie

Synopsis: When playing a pirate game, one must ask themselves what exactly “booty” means, in the context. You play the role of this guy named Storm, who has an affinity for gum, who is starting to get on the nerves of Skul Jagger, a guy who appears to be some sort of jaundice-stricken mutant pirate who always looks really happy. I am having trouble figuring out exactly what this game is about, but it starts out with you flee from him and his cronies after stealing a sword, which I can only assume has magical powers. The magic powers manifest themselves by allowing you to make lots of uncoordinated swings and shoot little red gems out of it when you perform such attacks. The gems you have to find along the way, but unfortunately, you lose them all when you get hit by one of the strange… things helping out your mutant foe. In addition to the red gems, you find some green gems and some blue ones too. The blue ones give you points, but the green ones just pile up until you get hit. I imagine that they’re for obtaining an extra life, but I have yet to be able to get enough. Aside from gems of mystery, you also get various types of gum that do unusual things. Cherry gum allows you to create this giant bubble you can use to float over the majority of each level until you hit the clouds, which are apparently made out of some kind of hard insulation foam. Grape traps you inside a huge purple gumball that allows you to bounce up and down, as well as simply rolling into people. Orange lets you spit explosive wads of gum just like in Mission: Impossible. The last kind of gum is either Watermelon or Pea, I can’t tell on account of the odd icon used to represent it, and it causes you to be encased in a huge green gumball and start whipping around the screen, killing everything in your path. Among the things that will try and stop you from doing that which you are trying to do, you’ll find soldiers who look like roman centurions, but with guns, giant bugs, bats, monsters, and all sorts of messed up creatures. On occasion, you will run across a monster in the background that shoots at you, while you must man a cannon and fire back. The creatures that do this are a flying blue monkey, a giant totem, and even weirder things than the regular enemies. After three stages, you’ll have to fight a boss, all of which maintain the trend of freaky monsters. The first of which is Skul Jagger himself, and you get to see that he’s even more of a freak when you can see all of him, and not just his head. The sound effects are pretty dull. The music, on the other hand, is erratic. When you begin a stage, you get to hear a quick little Caribbean drum solo, but the rest of the music is composed with the same drums, but mostly with an electric organ and some sort of noise-making machine. All in all, it’s a weird game, but it’s worth taking a look at.

Best Cheats: Secret Fantasy Zones (Only filled with gems, pervert) - To get to the Secret Fantasy Zone at Chapter 2, Area 1, at the start of the game go towards the right and climb down the first ladder. Continue towards the right again and go down the green rope. Get yourself on the top of the red crate, press DOWN then R.
To get to the Secret Fantasy Zone of Chapter 2 Area 2, walk to the right and go down the ladder at the start of the game. Go to the right and climb down the green rope. Go to the left of the purple crate and stand on top of it. Jump up three times, then press the L button.
To reach the Secret Fantasy Zone of Chapter 2, Area 3, go to the right of Area 3 and get on top of the third chimney. Press DOWN and then press R.
To get to the secret ending of Chapter 2, do not touch the large blue emerald at the end of Area 2. Instead, go to the left and go down the first ladder and then continue down the first green rope. Drop down the first hole located at the left. Stand in front of the first porthole and press the Y button.

Game Play: 6
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 7


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