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Title: Legend of the Mystical Ninja
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: Dr. Boogie

Synopsis: Those ninjas, they’re wacky. In this particular ninja fling, you get to play as one of two weird-looking ninja types, depending on which player you control. Though I have yet to establish what the main goal, or story for that matter, is, I have determined that it has something to do with beating things. Each level seems to have its own little quest that goes with it, whether it is stopping some evil guy, saving a princess, or something to that effect. You start off in a side-scrolling fighting-style area of town where you have to get to wherever you need to get while killing everyone you meet (Except women, they give you money). The town itself is full of places where you can play lots of little gambling games, along with a place to buy things and an inn. After the city filled with gambling, you go through a two-dimensional platform level where you kill more things and wind up facing a boss at the end of it. Anyway, The first player gets to control this guy named “Kid Ying,” a ninja with a very large head and a permanent frown. The other player gets his associate named “Dr. Yang.” He’s sort of dressed up like a ninja, but doesn’t manage to pull the image off, as he always sports an unusual smile. Believe it or not, however, their appearance is probably the least disturbing thing about them. The thing I had trouble with was their choice of weapons. Now, I tried not to be too judgmental on this issue, but I swear to you people, Kid Ying starts out with a frigging crack pipe! He just smacks people in the head with it, and then manages to make even larger with the right power-up. After that, the next upgrade gives him this spiked yoyo of doom with a greater reach than the elongated crack pipe. Despite his own obvious love of drugs, his partner wields what appears to be a flute that he smacks people with. The upgrade power-up makes it longer, and then changes it into a party favor that he blows into so that it extends really far and mortally wounds his enemies. It makes sense when think about: Ninjas + Drugs + Party Favors = Mighty Heroes! The alternate weapon that Kid Ying gets comes when he picks up money after bludgeoning someone to death. Someone forgot to tell this kid you can’t solve a problem by throwing money at it. The other guy throws ninja stars instead, but his money supply still goes down when he does. Maybe he has to pay a fine for illegal ninja mischief. Unlike your starting weapons, the projectiles are not upgraded. Speaking of power-ups, you don’t find a whole lot when you bash your foes; rather they show up in stores for purchase. The things you do find however consist of money, scrolls that raise your power level, though your level seems to have no effect on anything, and the upgrade power-up, which manifests itself as a little bouncing cat. Among the things you can buy are a few armor implements that disappear when you get hit, some bombs to throw, pizza, though I have no idea what it does, and other such devices that either do something or give you a sense of well being from the fact that you possess them. The enemies, as stated, consist mainly of people just minding their own business that manage to hurt you by plowing into as they go. Later, they get to be scary clown things, dancing people, guys throwing money at you, and other things like robots and monsters. The sound effects are mainly the squeaking noises that come from you when you jump, get hit, attack, or basically do anything. I thought ninjas were supposed to be silent. All of the songs have an oriental flavor, but are still better than the normal crap usually stuffed into a Super Nintendo game. Sure, try this game, but don’t come crying to me if you suddenly develop a gambling addiction from all the casinos in the game.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 7


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