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Title: Rad Racer (3rd Review)
Rom Player: RockNESx
Reviewer: Randy Johnson

Synopsis: The racing games of today make this game look like crap. But in its day Rad Racer was awesome. Choose one of two cars. A 328 Twin Turbo or F1 Machine.
Race on the following eight courses: Sunset Coastline, San Francisco Highway, Grand Canyon, Ruins of Athens, Los Angeles Night Way, Snow White Line, Seaway in Typhoon, and Last Seaside Running.
You don't have to worry about finishing 1st or even 3rd like other racing games. You only have to make it to checkpoints before the timer runs out. If you fail to make it to a checkpoint before the timer runs out, the game ends.
Press and hold up on the joypad while driving to drive in Turbo. Press down on the joypad to choose three different music themes. Or you can turn the music off.
You only drive one kind of car on each track. Race Bugs, Corvettes, etc. If you choose the F1 Machine, you only race against F1 cars on all eight tracks.
Press Select and use 3D glasses to view Rad Racer in 3D. This was a great NES game. I bought it at Kmart in 1988 and I still have it. I have Rad Racer II also but I prefer the original.
If you collect old NES games, buy Rad Racer. I give it a 9.

Best Cheats: Resume race: Press A + start to resume game play at the last course raced.

Course select: Select a car, then press B one less time than the desired level at the demonstration screen. For example, Press B(3) to select course four. Hold Up/Right and press A + start to begin game play at the selected track.

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 6
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 5
Overall Rating: 9

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