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Title: Super Street Fighter 2
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: Warren G

Synopsis: This franchise basically defined exactly what it means to be a fighting game while at the same time throwing in enough stereotypes to come pretty damn close to "Punch-Out!!!" in terms of offensiveness, which is great. Super Street Fighter is, as we all know, the touching story of Balrog, Mike Tyson look alike, and his quest to be the Christ out of a bunch of other people.
His story is a sad one--often overlooked because of the fact that he's too worthless to have any kicks, for some reason, Balrog languished in Street Fighter nothingness until some kind soul selected him to win the SUPER BATTLE. Consistently getting his ass handed to him by Dhalsim, who can hit you no matter where you are because of his goddamn stretchy arms, Balrog finally defeated Dhalsim and sent him plummeting into the Pit. Wait, you can't do that in Street Fighter, never mind. Sorry.
Anyway, having gained enough confidence to take the fight out of India, Balrog began his reign of terror, stampeding through the rest of the world, defeating basic kung fu guys Ken and Ryu, odd military sort Guile (this was before his mysterious disappearance), upside-down-spinning-helicopter-kick-using Chun Li, and the green spaz Blanka, and some other people who just weren't as interesting, really.
So after beating the other World Warriors into a world of ouchiness without using any kicks, Balrog faced off against that Bison dude, who a) doesn't ever seem to block, b) can be defeated by laughing at his outfit, and c) is actually easier than that bastard Dhalsim, which is good.
So Balrog stood at the top of the heap of broken bodies and chewed ears, laughing and not kicking even once even when you push the kick buttons. Victory was finally his, even though I probably should have just gone ahead and picked Cammy like I usually do, but whatever. That's the end of that.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 8


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