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Title: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (6th Review)
Rom Player: Nesticle
Reviewer: chicken magnet

Synopsis: You know, a lot of people who played this game disliked it for many reasons, and has called it a "flop". For one thing, I'm assuming that they are afraid to try some things new, because a lot of the critics said that the new RPG system sucked. Another was the side scrolling 3D mode and 2D overhead world mode. To put it bluntly, they all had the "itís too different from the original to be good" attitude. I understand that opinions are like assholes, everyoneís got one, but Zelda 2 was far more enjoyable than everyone said.

The story goes as this: Princess Zelda has fallen into a deep slumber by the remnants of Ganon's forces, and are trying to revive Ganon to take over Hyrule. Link, being far older than before (16 years, I believe) must go into the six palaces over Hyrule and break the spell of Zelda. And heís gotta stop those rebels and such.

You start the game in what we can assume the princess's bedroom, since you can easily see her slumbering on her master bed. I always used to wonder why there were no guards to protect her body, since not a soul is in the palace except Link and the big PZ. I know I'm thinking a little too logically, but it just seems a little odd that no soldiers of any kind is there to protect loyalty. But then again, if a ordinary teen can defeat an army and save Hyrule, who needs a military?

Sorry, I'm getting off topic. Anyway, when you leave the palace, you'll see the world. You can easily go into the cave via the forest that will lead you to the first palace, but I'd recommend it for later, to build up stats and visit the nearby town. Each town has a wise man and talking to him will make you learn a spell. You can learn how to jump higher, for example. Oh, and F.Y.I, if you ever played Zelda, Ocerina of Time, you'll notice that several of the names, like Saria and Mido, were borrowed from Zelda II, such as the town of Mido and Saria. It isn't important, but keep in mind that a very popular Zelda game got some inspiration from a so called "failure".
I'll wrap up the story part, since I hate spoiling the story for video gamers.

The gameplay during battles was the thing a lot of people bitched about. Keep in mind that you do not fight battles overhead anymore, but rather side scrolling, kinda like Super Mario Bros (kinda)You had to physically run into enemies (you'll know what I mean when you see it.) You can move Link side to side, and he can jump, and when you kill an enemy, your closer to gaining life, strength, or magic. A lot of people said that the side scrolling battles was just too difficult for enjoyment, but I found it quite a challenge.

The graphics were well done. However it had some noticeable flaws. In the overhead world, Link is extremely tiny and looks like a doll in a plastic world. However, during battles (or in a town of cave, let me tell you the side scrolling does not just take place in fights), everything was much bigger as the graphics were far more improved and everything was nice and colorful. However, a big chunk of the game will take place during side scrolling, so donít be too disgusted with the overhead view. Maybe if the overhead world view was the same like Zelda one, maybe the game would have been more enjoyable for gamers.

Now the music. I found the music in Zelda 2 was pretty catchy. A lot of people said that the music was really annoying, but I found myself quite an attachment to the overhead world music da duh duh deh duh deh day deh duh de deh duh deh dee dum well you get the point.

I gave originality a ten because Nintendo tried something new instead of using the classic formula all over again. Not that Zelda 1 was bad, but I want to see new features in sequels.

Overall, Zelda II was probably one of my NES favorites. A lot of people disliked this game, but I also know a lot of people who dug their claws right into it. Like I said, thatís there opinion, but well, this is mine. Give Zelda II a chance before you listen to "friends" and "critics".

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 8


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