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Title: Final Fantasy III (3rd Review)
Rom Player: DaMulet
Reviewer: DaMullet

Synopsis: This is a great game if I ever seen one. This game goes all the way back to the 1991/92, and it still seems to be a classic!
The gameplay is still one of it's weaker assets because of the lack of an "active time battle" system. But you can talk to people and ever allow people join your little groupie. By pressing "B", you can talk to the people that are following you around for whatever reason. For gameplay, I would give this a 6.
Graphics are another thing that they have worked on and they look great, for the NES I mean. There is really nothing to say about the graphics.
For graphics, I give this game another 8.
Music still differs from time to time, but they put in a boss music, which sounds like crap but still adds tension in battle. For music, I give this game a 5.
Originality also lacks from the other final fantasy but they added a new system that allows you to change between characters whenever you want, and allows you to gain new ones as you go along. For that I give this game a 6.
Overall a great game but they could of had made some adjustments on it's weaker assets. Overall, a 7.

Best Cheats: sorry, i'll keep you posted...

Game Play: 6
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 7

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