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Title: Maniac Mansion (3rd Review)
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: Tim

Synopsis: A meteor crashed near the mansion of Doctor Fred 20(i think 20.. didnt play it in a long time) years ago and now strange things are happening.
Fred didn't sleep in 5 years and brought bodies into the basement.
Two tentacles by the names of Green and Purple wander around.
Something strange in the pool.
And now Sandy the cheerleader, and girlfriend of Dave, has been kidnapped.
Your mission is to lead Dave and two other kids into the mansion, to save Sandy, get rid of the meteor and get out again.

Its horribly annoying without a special NES mouse (such things exist I think) and I only played it with an emulator, I tried it with the normal arrow keys... and it was hell... unless you're a pro of course.

Almost makes you forget your playing on a NES.

Some songs are horribly annoying while some are plain genius.

I guess its original enough to encourage the creators of angry beavers to make an episode loosely based on the plot of this game. (Halloween special)

Don't be a tunahead, play this game!

Best Cheats: No cheats that i know of... But some funny stuff:

Hamster-B-Gone... and so is your character:
If you get to be friends with Weird Ed, go to his room and wait till he leaves, then take the hamster and go to the kitchen, open the microwave and put the hamster in it, close it and turn it on.
Hamster + Microwave = Blown up hamster.
Blown up hamster + Take it back to Ed = You're dead meat, i mean it.
This may result in a glitch that lets you walk around invisibly.

Toxic fumes:
Fill the Glass Jar with the pool water, then go to the microwave and put the jar with the water in it, turn the microwave on and open it, "thou shalt die of radiation"... or breaving in the fumes, or is that the same?

(note: there are some things that i didnt try out but that might work)

Cheese thing (may not work):
Try to take Ed's cheese (if you can find it) before Ed does, i dunno what happens, but e-mail me if anyone does.

The evil code a.k.a. quick ending:
Enter the mansion and go up the staircase. There should be a keypad hidden near the side of the steel security door. I forgot where it exactly is, and then on the keypad type 9111.
What do you hear?
two minutes later...
You blow up the mansion! Not only killing you, your friends, sandy and the inhabitants but also everything in a 4-mile radius from nuclear radiation! They should've putten in a message saying: Congratulations tuna head!

Pool of doom:
Make a kid empty the water.
death 1: Send another kid down and let the other kid fill the water and... *blub blub blub*
death 2: Push the button, push the button! (bottom of pool)
death 3: Leave it drained for too long and... (see the evil code)

Meteor belch plant:
You can feed the meteor to the big (venus flytrap?) plant at the top floor(?), and it'll say: G-U-L-P... the end?

Maybe not working hamster death:
Feed him to the venus flytrap plant as mentioned earlier.. i dont know what happens but tell me if you know.

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10

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