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Title: Ghostbusters
Rom Player: Jnes
Reviewer: Blizsniff

Synopsis: Ghostbusters! The videogame is based on one of my favorite cult blockbuster movie about three guys starting there own Ghost-busting company. However, the game designers decided "to hell with that" and didn't focus the game mainly on busting ghost, but rather walking up stairs and getting gas. In fact, the whole game is pretty much getting gas. Without gas you can't buy equipment to suck up ghost. Without gas you can't earn money to buy equipment. Without gas you can't buy more gas.
Upon pressing the start button, you get a sorry "Ghostbusters" soundbyte. Why did they add that? Did they think it was going to be the main selling point of the game? "Hey mom did you hear that, it said Ghostbusters!! It actually said the words!! See, I told you it was worth the 60 dollars!" It only makes the game worst then it already is. Plus, it probably took up half the memory.

The first thing you'll notice that the city is full of pollution. For almost every building, there's a factory spewing out gas right next to it. Geez, someone think of the children.

Secondly, you'll notice the catchy Ghostbusters theme. Your going to end up despising it after playing this game, cause The theme plays continuously through out the entire game.

During the game you will take little road trips through the city, on these trips you'll frequently run out of gas. Don't worry though; the city was kind enough to leave 100lb tanks of gas in the middle of the street for you. So instead of going to the gas station, you can slam into the canister and hope some of the gas splashes into your tank. (Warning!! trying this may cause your car to explode so donít try what the Ghostbusters do or you'll die!!)

For some reason, the Ghostbusters don't have equipment to bust ghosts so they have to shop at the ghost supermarket, there, they can stock up on items like "Ghostfood" and "Ghost Vacuums". Of course, this is not for free; they have to earn the money by catching ghost. You would think the city would have at least given them a shopping spree or a gift certificate. Really, there only trying to save the world from destruction, cheap bastards.
The final level pits the Ghostbusters against Gozer: who is a 15 foot topless woman in a thong. The objective is simple: Shoot her until she dies while dodging the ghost and peppermint swirls. Oddly, one of the Ghostbusters is not present. You also have to keep and eye out for Marshmallow man who is climbing up the building.

For this game I can only say one thing

Ghostbusters is one of the worst movie games of all time. Such a shame for such a great movie.

Best Cheats: None (who cares anyway)

Game Play: 1
Graphics: 1
Music/Sound: 1
Originality: 1
Overall Rating: 1

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