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Title: World Class Track Meet
Rom Player: RockNESx
Reviewer: IndieAshtray

Synopsis: Let me start this review by saying that I wrote a research paper on the good effects of video games and included 1988's "World Class Track Meet" as a method for "good exercise".

Although I got a measly 75% on (I so deserved 100%), I still maintain that this game was pretty great back in the 80's and still is today if people still play it. I would, if I could find it in the attic, dammit.

Anyway, there really is no story to the game except the fact that you're an Olympic track type person and you're running for the gold. See, you ran on a mat made especially for the game (i.e. "The Power Pad"). I just loved it when my brother asked me, "Hey, wanna play a few games on the pad?" First off, I might have (for once) beat my brother into oblivion and two, my mom was happy because our fat little asses were getting exercise.

Sort of.

In the game, there's a part where you make the long jump. Only an honest person would actually TRY and make the long jump the hard way by actually...jumping. A normal person would run up to the white line, hop off for a few seconds, then step back on. Don't deny it, you did it too!

The actual running part was a little harder to cheat at. I heard that you could use your hands as feet stand-ins, but I tried it and uh, it didn't work. I brought out a pair of my slippers, and my (older, yet sissier) brother was whining SO bad that I was a cheater. Heh. That showed him.

Otherwise, the graphics were okay. The astroturf on the ground actually made it look like you were running to a point, which, from my point of view, is at least trying. Also, the computer opponents did get hard after awhile. I only ONCE beat cheetah, and that was while cheating with my slipper.

There were mishaps though...those 80's short shorts being the main one :D

All in all, the game was pretty revolutionary...it's pretty sad we don't have something like this today (and if we do, please tell me where to get one). The DDR doesn't count, because any idiot can move around to music.

Best Cheats: * Step off the mat for a few seconds to prolong your long jumps

* Get traction on your feet (slippers or socks) to make it look like you're running faster...worked for me!

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 3
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 8

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