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Title: Bubble Bobble (2nd Review)
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: Tim

Synopsis: Tim here, what happens when you combine Super Mario Bros. (the one in the sewers with crabs and stuff) and dinosaurs that spit bubbles? You get one piece of nightmare...
You are either Bub or Bob, two disgustingly cute dinosaurs, that spit bubbles. Your girlfriend has been kidnapped by a... super drunk thingy, or Baron von Blubba, I donít know, I never finished the game, but I do know the end! Anyway... There are almost 102 levels, so there you are, in a strange place, with only disease ridden bubbles that can make enemies explode... Not an exit to be found, hereís what I was doing in my gaming time.

Level 1: Bub's log, stardate who cares, I am apparently in some strange black place, that is called a cave... I see wind up dolls above me, i quickly annihilate them.
6: Ok... It took me half an hour to get here... Not much here, except for more and more of those goddamn enemies!!!
31: For god sakes man! How many levels do I have to get through!?!? Uh oh... Baron von Blubba just... AW CRAP! ANOTHER LIVE LOST!
50: I cant take this anymore, I think my fingers are starting to bleed...
57 17:09 PM, Iím impressed I got this far...
57 19:31 PM, for gods sake! Its impossible I say, IMPOSSIBLE! Oh no... gameover... lucky I saved...

There you have it, no one I know ever passed level 57. Well back to the review, the levels are totally continuous, and the music too, IMPOSSIBLE, the ending screens?

This is not a real end!
Never forget your friend!
End 2: BAD END
This is not a real end!
Get the magic ball to reveal the secret road!
End 3: This is not a real end!
Use (enter password I forgot here) for whatsit...

Ok the score is at the bottom, excuse me while I go kick my NES emulator off my pc.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 1
Graphics: 6
Music/Sound: 1
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 5

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