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Title: Yo! Noid (2nd Review)
Author:Capcom and Domino's Pizza (No seriously dude. I ain't kidding)
Rom Player: RockNESx
Reviewer: Pheonyx

Synopsis: Way back in the time in the primitive ages where mankind was entertained by the ancient Nintendo Entertainment System, Capcom decided to create a game. A game about a Noid. This game was called Yo-Noid. And what a game it is. Not only that it was also made by domino's pizza or something cause it mentions them at the start as of the developers or producers or something like that.

Anyway. This game is fricking sweet. In the game there's these people rabbit things called Noid's or something like that and they kinda look like a rabbit with a persons face and they have a strange N on their chest. And you are a Noid called Yo-Noid and you're some kinda super hero or something like that but anyways. You have to stop the Evil Mister Green who has decided to release crazed monster throughout the world or city or wherever it is that you live. It's some kinda city with a carnival. Well on your journey you are equipped the coolest known weapon imaginable. It's not a bazooka or a flamethrower. It's a YOYO! Hell yeah! And not just any old yo-yo. It's a "Super Yo-Yo". Wow.

This game is just fucked up. With you traveling to all these weird locations such as a Dock a Sewer and all sorts of crazy places. The coolest part of the game apart from the Super Yo-Yo (Nothing can top that) is the enemies. Supposedly ravaging wild animals. They actually range from a huge list of oddities. And I tell ya. The producers must have been smoking something cause here is a small list of fucked up enemies you must fight: Some strange fishermen with harpoons, a bunch of bears in hockey outfits with a hockey stick, balloons that can kill you and they turn grew and fall out of the sky and try to land on you when you're underneath them, koala's that hide in a bucket and when you get close they throw bear bottles at you, and the all time classic clown-lions that come after you with sticks on unicycles.

But the coolest bit in the entire game is the pizza eating contest. After every couple of rounds you get to play a cool pizza eating contest thing where you must select how much pizza you wanna eat and you must beat the other persons amount of which they want to eat. But not only that you can pour pepper on your opponent’s pizza to make them lose points. Hahaha. Like I said. This game is fricking sweet!!

Overall I rate this game thus:

Game Play: 9

Graphics: 7 (Pretty good for a NES game)

Music: 10 (Catchiest tunes ever especially the Pizza Contest Song and the first two level's theme song)

Originality: 10 (Pizza eating contest, Super Yo-Yo's and Koala's that live in buckets and throw beer bottles, ya can't beat that)

Overall Rating: 9. This game is great. Get it now.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 9

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