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Title: Darius Alpha
Author:Taito (Ported by NEC)
Rom Player: Hu6280
Reviewer: Shane Skekel

Synopsis: I know what you're thinking; another god damned review of a space shooter series that barely anyone has heard about. This game is a special bosses only version of Darius that never got released here for the first two games weren't very successful as Taito's previous series such as Space Invaders or Bubble Bobble. The Story of Darius is rather simple, but effective enough to give even G-Darius, Gradius Gaiden, and Star Fox penis envy; A mechanical creature named Belser has invaded your home planet and you must evacuate it immediately.

Game Play: Unlike the first Darius and the SuperGrafx Darius Plus, Alpha is a bosses only version. Your first victim is King Fossil (coelacanth), then you move on to the Electric Fan (anemone), then Mystic power, and so on & so forth until you reach Cuttle Fish (Squid) & Great Thing (Sperm Whale). If you press select on the TurboPad, you will enter the time trial mode. Sadly, the two-player mode isn't available in this game.
Graphics: Ported from the original Arcade game and the playing field is compressed in order to fit the TV screen. The sprites are much brighter than the original game, which is another advantage over the original.
The music is very enjoyable, but the arcade version probably had voice acting. The sound is also tolerable, but you'll be too busy kicking ass while trying to avert having your shit ruined.
Unfortunately, the originality is the game's only problem other than the difficulty. The only thing new is the aforementioned time trial.
In short, if you want a good challenge if you're tired of Gradius or R-Type; then Darius Alpha is what you need to get. Those used to Gradius or R-Type should steer clear of this game.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 3
Overall Rating: 9

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