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Title: Shadow of the Beast
Author:Electronic Arts
Rom Player: GENS
Reviewer: Anonymous

Synopsis: This has always been one of my favorites for the Genesis. Without the instruction manual it is completely impossible to know the plot of this game, luckily though I happen to own the game and its manual. The plot goes as so, youíre this poor guy who used to be a baby human but was taken to another world by the Shadow of the Beast. Your feeble human body is genetically altered to make you half human and half beast of course where this genetic experiments took place is beyond me since the majority of the game is spent running through giant fields and more confusing is who could actually performed the experiments since out of the entire game I saw only three monsters with actual hands and one of them was nothing but a hand. But I digress, eventually you learn that you are human and then you have to desperately try to escape the shadow of the beast and return your home world. A decent plot but once you see the guy you play as itís forgotten completely. Your head looks like an anteater with a fin, your purple and you where a loincloth and it gets even worse when you have to climb down ladders. Your character looks like a jackass but the rest of the game is very well done. The backgrounds are very lively, the monsters you fight are well made and original. The music in this game has forever been literally beaten into my skull Its good stuff but after a while you'll instinctly get angry when you hear it. The gameplay was like Contra if the enemies came at you one at a time but don't let that fool you into thinking this game is easy, in fact itís easily the hardest game I've ever played. One could argue that this is because the game supposedly glitches when you attack a monster but thatís just a sad mans excuse. The games all about timing, if you time your punches just right you can defeat any enemy except for bosses which take a certain amount of strategy. Every boss has a certain trick to them for instance the first boss kills you instantly if you touch him but if you get a temporary power-up you can stand back at a safe distance and blast him into oblivion. You don't actually die in one hit like in Contra but your life does go done very quickly and there aren't any continues or safe points in the game so when you die you have to start all over. I had wasted seven years of my life trying to beat this game and when I finally did I got a CONGRATULATION ending which really pissed me off but to tell you the truth I have never beaten a game and gotten a good ending and I don't think ever will. It took so long to beat but funny enough the game is pretty short, there are five bosses and exactly two puzzles in the entire game. I'll always love this game but in the end playing this game is pretty pointless. I recommend it for the challenge and the good graphics but to be completely honest the gameplay is terribly and running through a field of eyeballs loses its excitement after about two runs.

Best Cheats: Suposedly if you play the game, so you get a high enough score to get on the High Score list and then enter your name as ZQX and then at the Title Screen, press A, B, C and Start you get god mode but it never worked for me.

Game Play: 2
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 4

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