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Title: Legend of Zelda, The (5th Review)
Rom Player: RockNESx
Reviewer: Ozzy

Synopsis: I remember this game. I tried it out years ago when I was younger, and thinking it was pretty good. After reading a couple of reviews on this game I deciced to crank out one of my own, and I'll start by saying this game was pretty fun, but I think it could be better.

Lets start with the graphics. For mid 80's standars theyre ok. Link looks like a jolly little elf, and moblins look like doggy bastards out to stop Link, and the woods look like woods, etc. I giving it a 7.

I just want to point out that I'm not going to give any plot paragraphs, mainly because theyre are other reviews to do that for you. Not to mention that the story isnt too deep, but this was 1986, where plots were a little thin to begin with. But a lack of a thick storyline does make up for other things, in which Ill get to a little later.

Gameplay, im half and half in. When you first start playing this game chances are you will have a diffucult time getting used to them, because maybe its me, but I noticed Link can only swing his sword in certain angles, while the boomerang can move diagonally which the sword cant, for instance. Link also seems to have limited movement, which im confused about. Normally, this greatly takes the fun away from the game, since I usually don't have the paciente to learn ackward controlling, but unlike most games which have poor gameplay, Zelda's controls are conquerible if you keep trying at it.

The music and sounds are alright, but I got a little tired of hearing the same 2 songs over and over again. Usually either you heard the theme song out on the field (not that its not a bad song, but songs play themselves out like that) and the dugeon theme. Now, because this game is around 17 years old, the standard bloops and beeps are to be expected from such a game, and this is the nintendo we are talking about, so Im going to give the sound department a 7.

Now, there are some very good points about this game, which I will get to now. There are many secrets to discover in this game, which distingushes itself from others of its time because this is the only nintendo game from 86 that I know of that is so nonlinear. I liked the fact that you can find heart pieces and upgrades and such, which was cool. I dont want to give any more away, because its for you guys to see!

Overall, this game was pretty cool, and its one of my favorities. I believe that opioions are like assholes, every one has one, but I want to say one thing to Volcannon and the other dude that didnt like this game that much. Zelda was the ancestor of games that are RPG's, secrets and upgrades and such. If it wasnt for Nintendo, maybe we would not have all that. Like another review stated, nintendo is the reason why P52 and Xbox exist, because Nintendo inspried it all. Now, you maybe thinking "well even if Zelda did not come out, another game simmlar would of just popped out later on." You are probably right, however, what makes you think it would of been any good? Im dragging this a bit, so I hope you readers are getting the point. Actully to be honest its just the music and the gameplay which requires pratice that keeps it from being my favortive game on the nes. All of Zelda's other qualities however, are pure 24karat gold.

Best Cheats: I heard if you destroy every creature on the screen except one, it keeps others from reapearing except the one you spared. I dont use it though because cheating sucks.

Game Play: 6
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 7


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