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Title: Three Stooges, The
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: Anonymous

Synopsis: The Three Stooges were probably the 20th century’s most influential slapstick comedy trio. It’s hard for me to imagine anyone who hasn’t at least *seen* a Three Stooges short. Naturally, our favorite comedy team eventually got their own video game.

The thing is, though, how does one make a Three Stooges game that will appeal to a Stooge fan like, say, me? Well, in this case, it meant having a typical Stooge plot tie a bunch of Stooge-themed minigames together. After all, there were so many classic Stooge routines that I would love to reenact myself. The minigames you play for this include, but may not necessarily be limited to, the “Go-carts in the Hospital” scene from “Men in Black,” a pie fight from various Stooge shorts and films, the “Soup Crackers” scene and the “Boxing Match” scene, both of which come from shorts I forget the titles of. And, of course, it wouldn’t truly be a Three Stooges game if there wasn’t a chance to control Moe as he pummels the crap out of Larry and Curly with pokes, slaps, and head bonks.

The plot that ties these minigames together is that Ma’s Orphanage is in deep with a sleazy banker for something like ten large and the banker will foreclose on the orphanage unless Ma can come up with the green in a month. The Stooges hear about this, and being the upstanding gentlemen that only they can be, get right to work to get the money for Ma and save the orphanage from closing, thereby saving a few kids from life on the streets. And that’s where the minigames come in, as each one is supposed to be a contest or day job.

The thing that makes this game the most difficult is the portion of the game where you select the minigame, as the pointer will speed up each day, and about halfway through, you’re gonna want to land on a panel that allows you to do a slapfest, as this will slow the pointer down. The downside is that you’ll have to sacrifice a day off the calendar.

I suppose I should wind up with the conditions for victory in this game. If you don’t get the ten grand, you lose. If you *do* get it, you win, but it’s possible to get two other happy endings, as well. Get twenty large, I think it was, and Ma gets to rebuild the orphanage after it’s saved, because let’s face it, the place sucks ass when you first meet Ma and the banker. If a miracle happens or you’re an expert player and you somehow wind up with thirty grand, the orphanage is saved, rebuilt, and the Stooges get to marry Ma’s three beautiful daughters.

In the end, this is the one specific NES title I really regret not buying. But then, I’m a die-hard Stooge fan, and still enjoy my VHS collection on a regular basis. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who’s not a Stooge fan, as this game will get old fast. That may hold true even if you are a Stooge fan. Bottom line, unless you’re a die-hard Stooge fan or a collector of things Stooge, you should pass on this game when it comes out for Game Boy in the near future.

Best Cheats:

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 7

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