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Title: Toobin'
Rom Player: FCE Ultra
Reviewer: Kyle

Synopsis: A game taken straight out of the 1980s from a classic arcade cabinet of the same name by Atari was introduced to the NES by Tengen, the greatest company to screw over a rival by producing better games unoffically since Activision. Like I said, based on the arcade game, Toobin' involves Bif and Jef. Bif and Jef are professional inner toobers. During one of their many outings they go down the Colorado river, soda pop cans in hand, collecting treasure and more, when they get sucked into a whirlpool and end up in the Okeefenokee Swamp in Florida! Something isn't right there. And to make matters worse, everyone is trying to kill them! Even the devil himself wants a peice of these guys. They can't just stop and go home. They have to keep going. But it's okay, they have... soda! Bash someone in the face with a 12 ounce and that'll stun em for a while! Also to help are beach balls to syphon air out of and make your toob lighter and speedier, patches just incase someone puts a hole in your toob, and six packs which give you infinte soda ammo. Also, you can collect a letter toob on almost every level that spell out T O O B I N ' . Collect them all and get rewarded in a big way! Collect only three and get a continue if you die. If you really keep a sharp eye out you can find hidden warpzones. Watch out though, cause they're heavily guarded.

Game Play: The game is unbelivably fun. A good player, playing normaly, can usually get thru three or four classes on a good day. If you're REALLY good though you'll make it to the beach party at the end of class five. And if you get lucky, you'll make it to Yukon 8 at the begining of class nine. Don't expect to survive class nine. I never have. But if you do, be careful: I dunno if there is a class ten or not but it's better to stock up on the patches anyway.

Graphics: Some graphics are... eh. The treasure chests look more like green telephones. The flags... don't even look like flags! (Play the arcade version and you'll see what I mean.) Other graphics are just so horrible too... but others excel where these fail. Bif and Jef look really cool and the animation on most objects and such is awesome.

Music: This is some of the best NES music I've ever heard. From the opening theme to the song from the level Snake to the Mars level! I really wish I had an NSF of this game.

Originality: This game has so much originality I think that someone should copyright it before it's stolen! What other game has you floating down river on inner tubes throwing Coca-cola at people shooting you with shotguns?

Highly recomended to all.

Best Cheats: Warp Zone I: In Colorado, collect as many cans as you can and head down. As soon as you go thru the waterfall, veer to the left side of the screen and you'll see an exit. Knock away the branches and enter. Welcome to Warp Zone I! Warp Zone II: You'll notice Nevada looks an awful lot like Colorado... except, of course, the tornado. Just grab the cans and run, quickly. Follow the same directions except this time there are nine branches in your way instead of six! Don't miss! Warp Zone III: Snake, once again, is the splitting image of Colorado and Nevada. Except this time there are dangerous snakes crossing your path. And to make matters worse than they should, the nine branches blocking the Warp Zone are the kind that come back! So hurry into the portal before they pop your tube. By the way, this Warp Zone leads to Class 9. Amazon Level Skip: If you ever play a level called Amazon, go straight up as soon as the level begins. An exit is placed above you and you'll skip the level.

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 8

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