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Title: Megaman 6
Rom Player: Nester
Reviewer: King Hadas

Synopsis: The Blue Bomber has returned in his final and most disappointing game for the NES. Dr. Wiley has been kicked to the curb for a new and much more evil white mustached villain, Mr. X. It seems Dr. Wiley has been working for Mr. X from the very start which makes perfect sense, seeing how much the two look alike. Of course they couldn't possible be the same person seeing how Mr. X wears sunglasses and Dr. Wiley well doesn't. Anyways, Mr. X has funded an AWESOME tournament in which the most powerful robots in the world with the most extraordinary abilities ever conceived by man (tossing a spearhead at someone then walking over to retrieve it, maybe hitting the opponent on the way there, MAYBE!!!!) must battle it out for something..umm.... pretty cool I bet. I'm sure they were all pretty surprised when MR. FUCKING X wasn't a really good guy and took over there robot minds, I know I was. Seriously though, have you ever meet someone named Mr. X who wasn't an asshole? I knew a Mr. X in Preschool who would always knock over my blocks and tricked me into eating dirt by convincing me it was delicious chocolate. I can't eat chocolate now because of that jerk >:(

Child hood traumas aside, I really didn't like any of the robot masters in this one. Each robot master represents a specific culture, Yamato man represents Japan, Blizzard man represents Norway, and Plant man represents San Francisco (HAHAAHAH cause his a fairy). None of them are fun to fight and their all way to easy to beat. Tell me how the strongest robot masters on the ENTIRE PLANET were beaten by a schmuck like me without using any continues. Now Wind Man had an excuse for breaking so easily, he was MADE IN CHINA but the rest of the bosses have no excuses other than lazy designers.

Gameplay is basically the same but instead of calling rush the dog to your side the game gives you a few different ways to fuse with him instead. You can turn him into a jetpack or you can turn him into a pair of super punch gloves. When you fuse with Rush (which will be often) you get an amazing CG scene that is quite frankly, mesmerizing. No other changes were made to the gameplay.

If this was the golden age of the early nineties than I wouldn't recommend buying this game unless youíre a huge Mega Man fan but since we live in the age of ROMs and emulators go ahead and play it, itís not bad as long as it's free. Heck it'll be fun if just for all the HILARIOUS Middle East jokes you'll be cracking in Flame Man's level you insensitive bastard.

Best Cheats:

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 5
Overall Rating: 7

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