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Title: Ghostbusters (2nd Review)
Rom Player: nester
Reviewer: kevin

Synopsis: Many games nowadays are based off instant-hit movies, like "robots", "riddick" and etc. My god, how these companies are killing Nintendo(tm)! Any way, there is this one game for the NES called "Ghost Busters". Well, it wasn't bad for the NES, but that good either.

Every thing in this game is somewhat nicely detailed. Except the ghost busters and cars. The ghost busters seem to have been created for the Atari(R.I.P.), but added them to NES instead. The car looks good, except the enemy cars. They were gray and looked the same as your car. I thought there was a blackman and a glasses man in the movie, but all your people look the same. White and green overalls. It's sequel isn't that great either.

But I had this one ghost buster game for a bootleg NES and, it was perfect! It was like the zelda games, where you see the character from the distance. And were very detailed too! I think its based off the ghost busters movie were there is a ghost and captures a baby.

Best Cheats: If you're low on fuel, you will auomaticaly stop and go to the gas station, even if you were heading to another pace.

Game Play: 5
Graphics: 4
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 4
Overall Rating: 4

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