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Title: Chrono Trigger (4th Review)
Rom Player: ZSnes
Reviewer: Anonymous

Synopsis: The game is a typycal RPG. Turn based battles, lots of exploring, getting new weapons, 3 person party... But this is a game which stands above all others.

The gameplay is awsome. Random battles have been eliminated, which is good. There's the typical world and town/dungeon map. In a dungeon, there's usually monsters to be killed. Since you'll have 6 characters near the end, you'll have a vast assortment of abilities, from Chrono's Luminaire attack which does massive damage to Alya's theivery. This game also features techniques, hereafter referred to as techs, which are just special attacks. dual and triple techniques also can be performed, combining 2 or 3 characters' attacks to do more damage than one man can do on his own. Or woman. Or robot.

The music is awe inspiring. It can be very fitting at some of the more eemotional parts, and sometimes it can make you laugh, if it's at the right place of course.

The story of the game begins with you, Chrono, going to a fair where you meet a girl. You take her around the fair until your friend's show opens - a teleporter. Your new girlfriend tries it out, and gets teleported elsewhere. You, bing mr. hero saves her. You actually travel back in time 400 years, and save your girlfriend with your friend who happens to be a girl. Afterwards, you return to the present, get charged with kidnapping and escape. You all go to the future, and it's horrible. You go and look up where some time portals might be, and discover why the future sucks so bad..,and meet a robot. You go and help him help you by powering up a nearby factory to be able ot open a door with another time portal on the other side. After that, you'll have to do on your own. Almost forgot, before that point, NO MAGIC. Only swords, crossbows, etc.

Your party may include:
Chrono who uses a Katana
Marle who uses A Crossbow
Lucca who uses a Gun
Frog who uses a Broadsword
Robo who uses Fists
Ayla who uses Fists/Teeth
A secret character who uses magic and a scythe.

Best Cheats: Cheats? Well, the closest thing that I ever found out is that there are several endings, ranging from a congratulations "party" from the creators to the last night of the milennenial fair.

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 9

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