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Title: NEW Ghostbusters II
Author:HAL Laboratory (Nintendo) / Activision
Rom Player: Nester
Reviewer: Kevin

Synopsis: Hello, fellow NES Players. I am here to bring you one of the NES's greatest games, that wasn't released here; only in Japan and Europe (according to my knowledge). Some of you MAY have read my "Ghost Busters" review, and for those who did, you may remember me saying that there was a better "Ghost Buster II" game. Well here it is! NEW Ghost Busters II! When you see that text that says "Columbia Pictures, Blah blah blah...", it says "Used under sublicence from Activision". Well, HAL is a sub-developer of the Big N, which was named after the computer "HAL" in Space Oddysey or something like that. HAL was also known to have fixed Nintendo's game "Pin Ball", which had A LOT of bugs. Anyway, on to the scores:

Game Play: 7: The game is easy at start, but gets harder after the second stage. Also, you control two characters. Well, the second one follows you around, and if he's "lost" or can't reach the target, he will start squirming about in order to reach the target. Button "A" shoots the beam, and button "B" uses the capturing device. You can also rotate around your target when it is held by you laser. You also die with one hit, and you're supplied with 3 lives and 2 continues.

Graphics: 8: Pretty much your average NES graphics, except they're better. Also, they look cartoony and Zelda-ish.

Music: One of the better compositions on the NES, and the Ghost Busters theme is superior to the previous versions. Some songs are from the movie, too.

Originality: 3: Activision shitted up a great movie, but the Big-N saved it.

Overall: 8: A great game; I suggest you to re-format your NES in order to play PAL and NTSC format games.

If you don't like it, shoot your self in the head while playing your "Prized" PS2. I would enjoy it. OOH! Also, don't try to counter-attack the previous statement, because it only proves that you are trully fucked up in the head.

If you like it, well, congradulate Big-N.

Best Cheats: The only trouble you may have is fighting the second boss: You have to press both "A" and "B" in order to capture it.

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 3
Overall Rating: 8

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